Enrico Tubertini

ENRICO TUBERTINI -  pittografo

I am a dowser of forms of '69 ... of Bolognese origins! I did Dams, I worked in videoclips, then I moved to Rome where I started all over again, going to work in cinema and on television. Now my life runs between Rome and Bologna and if along this path I see, I find, I meet forms that strike me, I photograph them, transform them, live them and use them in my digital palette. From an early age I was fascinated by the color and its tonality, then with the approach to the photographic world I discovered the black and white that made me all clearer, clearer. But it was the cinema, the movement that made me understand more the beauty of the contrasts and the depth of the color spaces. Reworking the images of the television, creating other worlds, made me understand more how fictitious and personal what we see and how little sense it has to recreate the same reality. "Yeah, you've changed it, but do it with gusto". I create highly personalized digital works using colored shapes from the client's world. Break down the distances between author-work-contractor and bring them to the limit of equilaterality. Here you will find 7 different examples of techniques I have coined: pelography, personography, vortexography, transmutography, experimentation, dividing, pictography ... and there are others.

Good vision

www.enricotubertini.wix.com/pittografia pagina fb Il Pittografo ET

MY FRIEND -  70x100 - personografia su kapatech (private collection)
REBEL YOUNG - 70x100 - personografia su kapatech (private collection)
MANTRA - 124x72 - personografia on wallpaper with resin
4 - 100x70 - pelografia su kapatech

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