Nina Eaton

Nina Eaton is a painter, art educator and muralist. She studied painting, graphic arts and performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Minneapolis College of Art and Design where she completed her BA. She worked as a set designer and muralist until she moved to Italy in 1989, where she created murals and trompe l’oeil for such notable residences as Villa Taverna (US ambassador) and Palazzo Chigi (Italian PM)in Rome. Her work has been published in AD, Architectural Digest, Casa Vogue, Elle Décor, and various interior design books. Currently her painting balances on the edge of representation and abstraction, exploring scale and gesture in relation to the body. She teaches art at the high school and college level. Exhibitions and residencies:April 2021 , "On Keats" Virtual Exhibition of paintings on the theme of John Keats' poetry with the collaboration of St Stephen's Cultural Center, Rome; September 2019, Pranzo con l’Artista at cultural center “Me” in Oriolo(VT); June 2018 Duneshack Artist Residency, Provincetown,MA, USA; February 2018, Teatro Ada Padovani, In Terra Straniera, Montalto di Castro (VT); October 2017, AMACI 13th Annual Day of Contemporary Art at the Castello Costaguti, Roccalvecce(VT). At Temple University, Rome: March 2018 Tiny Biennale, Notte; March 2017 Tiny Biennale, Yellow; March 2016 Tiny Biennale, Mythology. November 2016, Paintings, Chapel of St Paul’s Within the Walls, Rome. For St Stephens Cultural Center Foundation, Rome: October 2018, Go with the Flow, group show; April 2016, Color Crossing, duo showOctober 2015, backdrop for reading of American poet Charles Simic. November 2014, Neck of the Woods, Landscape Paintings.  October 2014, backdrop for reading of American poet Moira Egan. March 2010, Focus, Interior paintings. Nina lives in Rome and Tuscan Maremma.

Ophelia continued, installation
Bloody Ghost

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