Angela Donatelli

Angela Donatelli was born in Lucera and lives in Rome. For some time he has been involved in writing and painting, together with expressive forms. He completed his training, through the study of dynamic psychoanalytic painting and participating in the stages of the Japanese painter Meera della Osho-Multiuniversity of Puna (India). In his search for artistic mediation he has performed many performances in which painting, poetry and music intersect in a multifaceted scenic container. He has published his works in numerous anthologies and exhibited in several galleries in Rome including the Casa della Cultura and the Maam and in several cities in Italy. In 2015 he collaborated with the Casa dell'Architettura, at the Roman aquarium with a artistic performance, during the UnitedSuccess Symposium, a meeting of women from all over the world, creating a puzzle work composed of eighty micro canvases. This year he exhibited at his Villa Reale in Monza one of his works for the Angels and artists project, under the patronage of the Argentine Embassy. He shares in writing and painting the passion for symbols, esotericism, the search for the secret connection between the inner universe of man and his link with the earth and the elements.

2005 - Presents a show entitled ITALIAN ART TODAY in the Civitavecchia city

2006 - Presents a solo show entitled "LUCI" at the Caffè bohèmien bookshop, via degli zingari, Rome

2008 - He exhibits at Tecnè, free exhibition of the arts of the former Laundry, Santa Maria della Pietà in Rome 2011- Finalist at the national Martelive event, at the Alfeus in Rome, with a live pictorial performance.

2011 - Personal at the Contemporary Room at the Esquilino with the title ROSSO VARIZIONI DI LUCI E DI OMBRE

2012 - Participation in the artistic project of the X Town Hall with the exhibition at the ex pesche del Testaccio, curated by Sonia Mazzola

2012 - Personal exhibition at the Casa de Cultura of Villa De Sanctis, under the patronage of the 6th City Hall, entitled IL COLORE DELLA DONNA 2013 - Participation in the Colorissimi performance at the Teatro Granarone of Calcata with painting and poetry.

2014 - Collaborates with the MAAM of Rome, artistic and cultural center, creating a work entitled Angelo Alieno

2015 - He realizes at the Acquario Romano the pictorial performance of the United Success International Association with 80 micro women's canvases

2016 - Participates in the realization of a work that will be invited to the Ecclesia of Los Angeles in Angentina, exposed last winter at the Reggia di Monza

In 2017/18 collaborates as a referent to the project Sound Visual Land, the school opens to the territory, with the creation of artistic and musical workshops together with some national and international artists living in the Pigneto district.

2018 She public her  poetic book with her illustration title Mi vestivi di nero velluto

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