Alessandra Di Francesco

Alessandra Di Francesco was born in Rome in 1965, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1988. The first solo exhibition in Germany, in Wuppertal, the city that hosts the Tanz-Theater by Pina Bausch, marks inextricably its bond with this artist. Followed by numerous exhibitions, both personal and collective, in Italy and abroad. The exhibition "Imbastire legami crea trame" of 2001 (Galleria Maniero, Rome) is an X point of the artistic journey: from an expressionist painting Alessandra arrives at the idea, the concept, the logical process that proceeds by link. Painting becomes the action of connecting something ancient with something present and absolutely new. Introduces, from time to time, the codes, from the clamp to the braille, used as supporters of a message that was revealed and protected: the plots, taken from lace and decorative tradition, accompany the portraits, the subjects as a real writing to be decoded. The investigation unfolds in seeking the links between the wire lace and the neural networks, between the basting and the morse code, between the DNA section and the grandma's doily. Among the main personal exhibitions: 2018, Nel mezzo, Interno 14, Rome; 2016-2016, Residenza artistica Bocs Art, Cosenza; 2015, Stich and Pierce, Galleria Sinopia Rome; 2015, Quattro Tempi, Spazio Foldes (Ex Lanificio Pietralata) Rome; 2013, Il fior fiore, 3B Gallery Rome; 2012, Mit Ihnen “come un vento che soffia senza fine”, Spazio le cinque lune Rome; 2011, Defrente-detras, Centro Cultutal Inboccalupo Buenos Aires; 2010, In-vestiti, Galleria Maniero Rome; 2007, Stars, Horti Lamiani, Bettivò, Rome; 2003, Pas de bourrèe, Galleria Maniero Rome; 2001, Imbastire legami crea trame segui il filo, Galleria Maniero Rome; 1996, Vocazione, Bachstubengalerie, Wuppertal (Germania) with Elena Pinzuti; 1993, Rievocando affermando, Stanze indipendenti Rome; 1989, Ohne Titel, Bachstubengalerie, Wuppertal Germany. 

Tutto così silenzioso

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