Emilio Farina

Emilio Farina's work seems to be just a blinding and blinded eye which brings all charms into action.

A «din d’oeil». A repeated pellicle «beauty culture». A picture's wave going along, on itself, like Raskolnikov’s footstep, which invariablv tums back on its own tracks. But, instead of intensifying thè show, every draft becomes a dropping thè scene, a looking away in thè dark, at deleting. Thus, something is whithin everybòdy’s reach, but thè rest becomes an unreachable mirage.

It is a disappearance ceremony which repeats itself; you should consider absence more than presence. The quick and strained driftìng of colours primes a closeness image, from which a vital shock is spread along all pitture courvers. The mystery of our origin is wrapped in there; what Genette calls «mother place». The rebirth, Narcissus flower. The transformed child (a transfor- marion vou should understand in its etymological meaning: to pass through difterent, severa! forms). Eros, Thanatos, Ghenos. The Circuit doses, to start its round again, before a new art-work.

Luigi Meneghelli

Atelier - Fire
Atelier d'artiste
Event - Over the river
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