Marco Marassi

Class 1975, Marco Marassi was born as self-taught, then perfected at the "School of Arts and Crafts Ettore Rolli" in Rome studying photography.
Until 2011, he mainly deals with Street Photography and then devoted himself to "conceptual" photography and to the "Buck up and cry" project, abandoning man as through his artistic research.

Among his most important projects: "Absence" (2009-2016): the artist, through a study of marine landscapes formed by scarce and essential geometric structures, tries to describe projections of his inner world, a world profoundly united where man leaves no trace; "Italia Scapes" (2009-2016): inspired by the authors of the "Scuola Italiana di Paesaggio", the author traces traces of the Italian landscape by dwelling on details sometimes not always visible to a distracted look. "Man has developed a disaffection with the surrounding environment, that is, an inability to relate to the environment through representation"; "Buck-up and cry" (2016-2017): The question about some men's world taboo: like crying and trick. The smartest and most artificial cosmetic was that for which man should not have been crying anymore under any circumstances. Yet crying in antiquity, like all fluids in the human body blood, sweat, sperm was synonymous with life and vitality. In extreme situations the hero cries and so he feels alive. After mourning and despair, he can be born again. The weeping of men is already unveiled by women: female tears are inexhaustible and exhausted; "Stunt" (2017-open): a critical series on photo journalism, documenting means necessarily striking with extremely violent images?

Collective exhibitions and awards:
2012- Finalist of the "Adrenaline Prize" exhibited in collective at the MACRO of Rome
2014- Finalist of the "Arte Laguna Award" exhibits at the Arsenale of Venice
2015- Among the six winners of the "Warsteiner Young Talents" prize at the Affordable Art Fair in Milan
2015- Finalist Nocivelli Prize
2016- Final Award "Primal Energy" at Polveriera Guzman in Orbetello
2016- At the Galleria Tevere Art Gallery in Rome, it is part of a series of collective exhibitions called "The Monster" by Luciano Corvaglia.
2017- He exposes during the international photography festival "Les Rencontres d'Arles" in a collective at La MaMo Temporary Gallery.

Solo Exhibitions:
2016- Absence- at the Tevere Art Gallery, via Santa Passera 25, Rome
2016- Absence- by Mila Gallery via Monte Brianzo 46, Rome
2017- Burning Circus at the Tevere Art Gallery, via Santa Passera 25, Rome
Italia Scapes
Italia Scapes
Street Photography

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