Massimo Catalani

Massimo Catalani was born in Rome, where he has been living and working since 1960. He graduated in Architecture in 1988. In his thesis he had already begun experimenting with mixtures that were a mixture of painting, modelling and architectural masonry. In his first group exhibition, he presented subjects that were "irreverent" not only for the world of art but also for the public: plates of pasta with zucchini, roman artichokes, prickly pears and chili pepper triptychs. After the success of his first personal exhibition in Rome, various exhibitions in Italy and abroad followed. In the last five years, the distinction of his work has lead him to present exhibitions and performances in the main cities of Europe, in the USA, in Korea, Russia, Japan, in the EAU and in South America. His works are part of important private and public collections worldwide.

Classico o neo-classico; 2017; cm.44x38; mixed media on paper; daytime vision
Un popolo di trasmigratori; 2017; cm.61x76; mixed media on paper; night time vision
Il Fuoco; 2017; cm.254x187; marble powder of Carrara ande pigments on wood; detail
Il Grande Bianco; 2018; cm.251x187; marble powder of Carrara, natural sands and grounds on wood