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Intraducing Franco Losvizzero:

Artist who lives and works between Rome, Venice and NYC.

family name Andea Bezziccheri (this name is used as cinema's director).

Franco Losvizzero's art is distinguished by the use of mechanical devices and by the hybridization between toys and pop surrealist humanoids. The artist works in different ways, even if the drawing and painting remain, from his fine art academy's time, at the center of his research; he has exhibited manly mechanical sculptures and performance but also photo, video-art istallation, live-painting performance, theater. The works, either his installations, video, photography or drawing and it often evokes figures like: toys, children's tales, chimes essence. His work is able to awake dormant anxieties of childhood and different suggestions. Franco Losvizzero uses different type of materials like plastic and resin but in particular, he uses a "waxy-plastic material" of his invention to characterize the majority of his sculptures and bas-reliefs on paper and paintings.

The themes of his research are related to external and internal deformity, childhood and transformations, symbols and images, ancestral masks."The bridge to get there is not outside but inside ourself, the dream and the memory are not as an objective but as a passage, the tunnel that leads me into the mountain, below, in the dark belly, speaks about the cut of my mother, but also of mine". (F.L.)

Main Exhibitios:  "Il Can Volante" Dinamo Art Gallery; "Studio su Bosch" e "Il Teatrino dei Burattini" Museo Macro di Roma; "La Voce del Corpo" a Palermo; "5 Souls" in NYC; "11-La Porta Alchemica" Pio Monti Art Gallery Rome 2018; Francamente October 6-28 New York City 2017; Erba vs Losvizzero at Scope Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach 2015; "L'Albero della Cuccagna", Milan Expo 2015 curated By Achille Bonito Oliva (catalogue Skira); Palazzo Franchetti in Venice performance for the opening of "Gotica/Glass Stress" Exhibition; Exploit in Milan; 56. Venice Biennal Opening performance in Giardini Biennale; Clio art project in NYC; "A Diamond Called Outsider Art", Queens Museum in New York;"Miami Losvizzero" in Miami Art Basel at The Convention Center of Miami Beach 2014; "Superfetazioni" (solo-show) at Musei Capitolini-Centrale Montemartini in Rome, 2014; Aka The Swiss, at the Civic museum's in Sora; "Communion in residence" at the Museum MAAM;"Catarifrangenze" curated by Achille Bonito Oliva (with Cucchi and Pistoletto) to Pelanda in Macro Testaccio in Rome."Caronte" (Charion) performance between the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Academy of Romania; "54. Venice Biennale-Italian Pavilion in Turin - 150th Anniversary of Unity of Italy "; "11:11:11 The Garden Of Eden", solo show at the Museum of the Botanical Garden in Rome; 54. Venice Biennale -Arsenal- this work wastoghether with Luca Maria Patella curated by Italo Zannier; the performance "The White Rabbit's Year", a woman-rabbit on the white horse at the fair "ROME-the Road to Contemporary Art" 2011; "Apocalypse Wow!" at the Museum Macro future of Rome, for the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Wall, "Anima'LS", solo-show, Soho-New York City; "Final-Cairo's Prize" at the Permanent Museum in Milan; "Apocalisse XXI", triple staff at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin; "O.O.M. Out Of Memory" Solo-show in Naples exibited in more spaces with presentation at the Museo Madre.

Other exibitions are: Miracle in Milan; Arts in Fabula in Certaldo; Visions of Paradise at IST. Swiss Culture of Rome; "Correnti Mediterranee" exhibits with the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs in Damascus, Beirut and Cairo.

Franco Losvizzero is also a sculpturer of traditional Murano's glass, he produced three collections (works with crystal with a size of 3 meters high) and video-artist: in 2009: Join the International Film Festival Of Rome-Sec. Fish Eye, with the film "N.VARIAZIONI" (BOMBA production, 93' minutes, 2009, with Violante Placido, Luca Maria Patella) where he won the first prize "Pan Fish" at Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma and the prize "35mm". He works toghether  with Luca Maria Patella in works of video art and in 2006 he participated with the film "The dwarf's greatest dream" at these festival Festival "Loope" of Barcelona and at the Locarno film Festival.

Franco Losvizzero. Albero Sibilante Della Cuccagna 2015 - EXPO 2015 curated by A.B. Oliva. Courtesy The Artist.
MECHANICAL SCULPTURE DINDOLO' 2010 (Venice Biennal and Cairo Art Price)
Art Basel Miami Beach. Convention Center. Performance White Rabbit. 2014

Events at Rome Art Week

31 Oct 2020 | 12:00-22:00
Franco Losvizzero

Free admission
Open Studio
Habitable-Museum MOMA HOSTEL
Via Paolo II, 7 - Roma
31 Oct 2020 | 19:00
Catalogue's presentation "Habitable Museum" with the artist
After 3 years from the opening an Open Day with the artist + Catalogue
Free admission
Moma Hostel
Via Paolo II, 7 - Roma
24-27 Oct 2018 | 11:00-20:00
Franco Losvizzero

Free admission
Open Studio
Macro Asilo - Atelier Franco Losvizzero
Via Nizza, 138 - Roma
27 Oct 2018-21 Jan 2019
The show
Free admission
Vernissage Saturday 27 Oct 2018 | 16:00
Spazio Espositivo Teatro India
Lungotevere Vittorio Gassman, 1 - Roma
14 Oct 2017 | 18:00-21:00
Franco Losvizzero

Free admission
Open Studio
Studio Franco Losvizzero
Via della Lungaretta, 164 - Roma
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