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Francesco Impellizzeri was born in Trapani in 1958 and graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where he lives and works. In his first exhibitions he favored a pictorial research on sign / color in relation to music. Since 1990 he has offered performances and installations in which they are combined with painting, music, theater, video and photography. The first performance "Strilli" of 1990 at the Temple Gallery in Rome saw the birth of the first character: UNPOPOP. Immediately following performances and new stereotypes characters follow one another. Photos and paintings complete the exhibitions that from the Roman galleries (La Nuova Pesa, Pio Monti, Oddi Baglioni, Il Ponte Contemporanea, etc.) present works on the characters created and new performances. From 1997 to 2007 he exhibited with the Espacio Minimo gallery in Madrid and also at the Reina Sofia Museum and the Salamanca DA2. In the early years of 2000 he presented to the public the "Pensierini": sheets of elementary school books, made in small and large dimensions, in which are commented on customs, politicians and private subjects seen as the eyes of a child but whose content and design reveal the ironic world that the artist has always told. Summaries of his persuasion are the last canvases in which the color of the initial chromatic research merges with the texts retrieved from the notes of his rich notebooks. Through installations the texts, painted with silver on glass, are also presented as luminous projections enriched by sounds or musical performances. In 2013 with Mikele Abraham he created ARTE CLANDESTINA, a project of musical events / performances in which the artistic and cultural changes of the last twenty years are highlighted with irony and critical sense. From 1987 to 2014 he collaborated with the artist Carla Accardi. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in galleries, museums and international fairs, television broadcasts and films.

Main Personal and Performances

2017 WalKing Man - Performance at Temple University gallery, Rome

2016 An idea was born, Transfusions 1 - Performance at the Menna Foundation, Rome

2015 InCanto Italiano with Mikele Abramo Cicolo of the Italian Consulate, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

2014 "Arte Clandestina" with Mikele Abramo Museum of Mediterranean Textures, Gibellina (TP)

2013 "Arte Clandestina" with Mikele Abramo- Studio Impellizzeri, Rome        "Vocalizzo in Scala C" - Studio of the artist, Rome              "I want to make a home ..." TUfffO - Torre di Mola, Formia

2012 "For the note" - Banca Popolare di Bergamo, Rome             "There is no Myra without Vidal" - Whitecubealpigneto, Rome

2011 "Here the light is different" -Performance Italian Cultural Institute, Strasbourg

2010 "Ladies and gentlemen good evening" - Performance Artandgallery, Milan             IMPELLIZZERI XX - MLAC Museum of Contemporary Art Laboratory Sapienza University, Rome

2007 Motocicleta "- Performance DA2 Contemporary Art Museum, Salamanca (Spain)            Summary: Pensierini, parole e ... .. - Bonelli Arte Contemporanea, Mantua

2006 ArtSaint Loop - ARCO Performance stand gall. Espacio Minimo, Madrid (Spain)

2005 Pensierini - Spazio Symphonia, Milan           Desfilè: Mannequin for nient - EVERY / BODY, Performance Villa Manin, Passariano (UD)

2004 On paper - (with C. Accardi) A.A.M. Archiettura, Rome           Pensierini y palabras - Gall. Espacio Minimo, Madrid - Spain

2003 Flambè Dreams - Performance Buia Gallery, New York - USA

2002 ... o0O !!! -Shock & Show, Performance C / Zone, Trieste

2001 Videoclippami - Espacio Minimo, Madrid           Gnam, Gnam - MACRO Performance, Rome           Motocicletta - Performance Forum Fabricum, Lodz and Contemporary Art Center, Poznan (Poland)

2000 Meteorisms - The Contemporary Bridge Project, Rome           Rinkoboy - gall. Estro, Padua

1999 Desfilè: Mannequin for nient -Corporea, Performance Castello di Rivara, Turin

1998 BodyGuard Peep Show - Performance Gall.The Contemporary Bridge

1996 Uno & Trinox - Oddi Baglioni Gallery, Rome           Angelo Candito - Artists at the Window, Ostuni (BA) by the gall. Zelig           Loving love of Rokkodrillo - Homage to       P.Pascali, Polignano a mare (BA)

1995 Court or Courtyard Games - Trevi Art Museum - Teatro Clitunno, Trevi (PG)  Rinfacci - Perfect crime, Monti ass. cult., Rome

1994 Unpopop - Besos, Canciones, Santo y Estrellas, Ateneu de Cadaques, Spain

1993 Featured Songs for the Biennale - Fiorella Gallery, Venice

1992 Josèphine Baker presents: Sound Colors - Gall. La Nuova Pesa, Rome

1990 Strilli - Temple Gallery, Rome

Main Collective Exhibitions

2017 Transfusions 1 - Menna Foundation, Rome               Lights and Trasparencies - Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris

2016 Stills of Peace, Clarté - Palazzo Ducale, Atri (TE)               Art in moviment, or Homage to Duchamp - Ex CFormer Convent of the Retreat, Syracuse

2015 CLOSE UP - Palazzo Collicola Visual Arts, Spoleto               Le Volets de Noel - Ville de Biot, France

2014 In Symbiosis - Academy of Romania, Rome

2013 TUfffO - Torre di Mola, Formia        The Solitary Corps, Palazzo della Penna, Perugia

2012 Intrecci - Granary of Baglio Di Stefano, Orestiadi Foundation, Gibellina, (TP)        We are all Greeks - Benachi Museum, Athens, Greece

2011 The intertwining of travel - Termoli Prize, Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Termoli

2010 GASP - Contemporary Atre Gallery at the Farnesina, Rome             Dust in the eyes, in the heart of dreams - Permanent Collection of Liceo Bafile, L'Aquila

2009 L'Arabesco - Galleria Santo Ficara, Florence

2008 Experimenta - Farnesina Collection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome

2007 Light and shadow - Palazzo Pino Pascali, Polignano a Mare (BA)

2006 Vema Project - Italian Pavilion, Architecture Biennale, Venice

2005 Cow parade - Piazza della Repubbblica, Florence

2004 Do not call it performance - El Barrio Museum, New York City / DA 2, Salamanca (Spain) / CAAC.            Seville (Spain) Melting Music - Gall. Guidi and Schoen, Genoa

2003 Do not call it performance - Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid / Centro Pàrraga, Murcia (Spain)            Melting Pop - Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena

2002 Via Pal - The Confine of Thoughts, Gall. Civic of Contemporary Art, Trento            The Dream, the Color, the Sign - Italian Cultural Center, Istambul (Turkey)           

A Postmodern Babel - Palazzo Pigorini. Parma

2001 Neue Heimat - Gall. Falzone, Mannheim (Germany)            Trends - La Salara, Bologna            The Disquieting Muses - Palazzo Pascali, Polignano a Mare (Ba)

2000 From Mini Al Mini - Cartiere Vannucci, Milan

1999 Corporea - Castello di Rivara, Turin curated by Olga Gambari            Italian self-portraits - Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice

1998 Contaminations 2 - Lab Museum "La Sapienza" University, Rome

1997 Portraits, Portraits, Portraits - Gall. Giulia, Rome            Open City - Ex Manifattura Tabacchi, Città Sant'Angelo (PE)

1996 Artists at the window - Ostuni (BA) by the Gall. Zelig            Nature, naturans - Museo del Mare, Trieste, edited by M. Campitelli

1995 Frost and Disgelo - Palazzo Farnese - Ortona (CH)            Furor Populi Forum Popouli - Gall. Monti, Rome            Artists' Choise - American Academy in Rome, Rome, curated by M.Boyden

1994 Besos, Canciones, Santos and Estrellas - Ateneu de Cadaques, Cadaques - Spain            40x40 + 40 - Gall. Menzio, Turin            Autumn Equinox - Castello di Rivara, Rivara (TO)

1993 Young Art Today - Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, Rome

1991 Roman Propositions - Italian Cultural Institute, Algiers - Algeria

1990 Verba Manent Sripta Volant - Gall. Filippo Fossati, Turin

1989 2nd Biennial Young Contemporary Art - Castello di Sartirana Lomellina (PV) 1

1988 Painters & Painters - Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice

Il curriculum organico viene visualizzato solamente per gli artisti iscritti a CertArt che abbiano inserito le attività. Scopri di più su
Per l'Appunto - 2017 - acrilico su tela - cm 180x150
Qui a dit - 2016 - acrilico e smalti su vetro con proiezione luminosa - cm 25x25
RiflessiOne utopicA - Installazione Accademia di Romania, Roma 2013
ARAZZI (dei personaggi delle performances) - 2006 - lana, cotone, installazione luminosa - cm 220x120 cad.

Events at Rome Art Week

23 Oct 2018 | 16:00-22:00
Francesco Impellizzeri

Free admission
Open Studio
Studio Francesco Impellizzeri
Via Bixio 41 - Roma
22 Oct 2018 | 09:00
Vallicelliana Project Showcase
The project invites the artists to confront themselves with a closed space
Free admission
Biblioteca Vallicelliana
piazza della Chiesa Nuova, 18 - Roma
12-14 Oct 2017 | 17:30-21:00
Francesco Impellizzeri

Free admission
Open Studio
Studio Francesco Impellizzeri
Via Bixio, 41 - Roma
10-21 Oct 2017
Transfusioni# Sul filo del desiderio
curated by Anna D’Elia
Free admission
Archivio Menna Binga
Via dei Monti di Pietralata, 16 - Roma
10 Oct 2017 | 18:30
Transfusioni# Sul filo del desiderio
Vernissage installation, performance, video, photography and painting
Free admission
Archivio Menna Binga
Via dei Monti di Pietralata, 16 - Roma
14 Oct 2017 | 17:00
Maria Lai. The thread of existence
ore 17.00 Anna D’Elia dialogherà con l'autrice Maria Elvira Ciusa
Free admission
Archivio Menna Binga
Via dei Monti di Pietralata, 16 - Roma
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