Fabrizio Borelli

Fabrizio Borelli lives and works in Rome.
Independent photographer, filmmaker, director of photography, TV director and format designer he directs live, on the road, virtual set shows.
Over the years he Over the years, he is pursuing photographic research, from analogous to digital techniques.

«In everyday life, Fabrizio Borelli is a TV director, one of the most experienced and original I have ever met in my career. Director’s job is suchlike the conductor’s work: it does not consist in shaking the stick to obtain a special sound, as I thought when I was child, but it is hard work, linking passion and experience, imagination and organization, sensibility and charisma. A full time work, it fills up every space, every instant of the life, there are no working hours’ limits. All that to say that the artistic production of Fabrizio Borelli surprised and floored me. Just how an old LP it was like realizing the B-side of somebody, the less known side and, just for this, closer to one’s heart. The conductor finds again the soloist or, better yet, the composer that does not anymore express himself because of of a command but thanks to his own desire, the composer needs to tell about himself to himself, no limits and mediations. I have defined this work “artistic production” in order to distinguish it from the other production, the full time job as director. This is not a job but a “being”, this is fulfilling oneself through things that one does. Manipulation of the photographic plates, done with graphic insertions, chromatics, textual give off life, surprise you every time. Every cycle and, inside the cycle, every theme change the watcher’s point of view, evoking different readings. The more one explores his work, the more he gets struck by the game of rebound to the master that only is an accidental to re-count new visual suggestions. Now I know an additional Fabrizio Borelli, who chose to reveal his secret world. He did it using an openness and a visual tale apt to bring out emotions. That is raw material, talking about art».

Tracks and chips 2008 - Antonio Romano - Graphic&Design for Communications Professor-La Sapienza University -Roma

CLOCKWALK  ©Fabrizio Borelli 2008
CONFINE 1_matattoio (2)

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