Leonella Masella

Born in Taranto, she spends her childhood and teens between Italy and various foreign countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She obtains a University Degree in Political Sciences, University of Rome, and starts working for the United Nations in Mozambique, Sudan, Cambodia and Angola.  She lives and works in close contact with the dramatic problems of populations fighting for survival rather than development. Wherever possible, she attends drawing, painting, printing courses during her assignments in Italy and abroad. From 1991 to 1995 she lives and works in Namibia from where she carries on with her academic training in art making by attending the degree courses for Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of South Africa (UNISA), passing the final examinations in painting and practical subjects in 2001.

2003 is assigned the Critique Award at the ESPOARTE International Contemporary Art Competition (Savona, Italy)

2014 is assigned the Critique Award at the Biennale of Contemporary Art at Frosinone - Anagni, Italy

2019 the video Tun...tun...tun... Train of dreamers (2018) has been selected to participate in the joint event organised by RAW 2019, MACRO ASILO Rome, and the Miami New Media Festival (MNMF).   The video will be shown at Macro Asilo Rome on 22-23 October and at the closing Ceremony of the Festival  at the DorCAM (Doral Contemporary Art Museum in Doral, County of Miami-Dade, in Florida,  on 30 November 2019.

2021 the last  video opera Le Città Volanti 10' 2021, was selected for the Miami New Media Festival 2021


Flying cities            (video clip)
Flying cities video clip
Still from video Flying cities -  image of a painting by Luca Padroni
Flying City no. 2 - assemblage of technological waste, screws, bolts, paper mache, led, on rotating platform (110x75x75)

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