Diana Pintaldi

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I was born in 1988. 
After finishing the scientific high school, I graduated in Sports Science at the "Foro Italico" University in Rome. There I was able to study and to improve my acquaintance on the human anatomy and on its movement, not only at a biomechanical level but also as an expressive manifestation of the inner reality of the individual. During May/June 2015 my first personal exhibition has taken place in the Creative Room Art Gallery in Rome, which was carried out by Lorenzo Cantarella. Moreover, in December 2015 I have participated at the collective of Lorenzo Cantarella. My artworks are used in the movie "Il Colore Nascosto delle Cose" directed by Silvio Soldini.
In 2019 residency Atelier Macro Asilo.




"Through my work, should it be with rugs, textiles or whatever kind of medium I aim to tell a story. What matters most to me is not the story itself, but its unfolding and evolution. The process of transformation always leaves something unresolved and unfinished, both in the past and future.

My research is about Life, composed of encounters and influences, juxtapositions and changes, as well as coexistence. It stretches to faraway places and future projections where the here and now derives from the simple act of creation: “I create therefore I am”…my only certainty to not get lost."



Il curriculum organico viene visualizzato solamente per gli artisti iscritti a CertArt che abbiano inserito le attività. Scopri di più su certart.com
Se fossi un punto in movimento  (dettaglio) 180*104cm . Lastre di alluminio forato in codice Morse. 2023.
Il tempo dei luoghi - cucitura in codice Morse su cartina dolomiti anni ‘70
C’era una volta un pittore - la metà di 88 fa 33 - misure reali su tuta reale
7 11 17 - data palindroma ricamata in codice Morse su risonanza magnetica dipinta. Installata su struttura con corpo illuminante
Born to set it right