Edith Urban


Edith Urban, born in Germany in 1956, lives and works in Rome since 2003. Working at the »borders« of painting, literature and rhythm, she uses decontextualized fragments of texts to compose series of essentially monochromatic paintings. She developed this approach studying fine arts with the Viennese artist Hermann Nitsch at the Academy of Fine Arts »Städel« in Frankfurt am Main (1995-97) where Nitsch held the professorship for interdisciplinary art. As a former literature student (she holds a Master’s degree in Economy and German philology) Edith Urban has always been fascinated by the interface of painting, text and rhythm: how a phrase that she turns over repeatedly and rhythmically in her mind triggers the process of »composing« a painting. The text fragments consist of everything from short statements, allusions, lines of poetry, reflections and dialogues to a line from a popsong. She uses these fragments stripped from their original context like mantras, repeatedly writing them into the wet paint, in multiple layers. Doing this, they inevitably become aesthetically important graphic elements in the painting: sometimes bold letters occupying ample space, sometimes letters that are small and almost apologetic.Art Fair Frankfurt

INDIVIDUAL SHOWS AND GROUP-SHOWS in recent years include

2021 _ le altre opere, Museo Napoleonico || 2020 _ sketch, Galleria La Nuova Pesa || 2019 _ un certaine regard, curated by Tiziana Musi, Galleria La Nube di Oort, Roma [c] _ Art Fair Frankfurt ottobre 31/novembre 3 _ MacroAsilo Atelier #1: ottobre 2019 _ STILLE, curated by Ulrich Meyer-Husmann, Kunstverein RheinMain Floersheim [i] || 2016__ tra le righe, curated by Marcello Carriero, Galleria Miralli, Viterbo [i] [c] || 2015__ what do you think I'd see if I could walk away from me?, a project with Lucio Gregoretti, curated by Tanja Lelgemann, Galleria Luigi di Sarro, Rome [c] [i] _ side by side, curated by Serafini Amato, Galleria Monti, Rome [i] _ Il mito sepolto, curated by Luigi Paolo Finizio, Museo dei Brettii, Cosenza [c] 2013__ io sono un’altra, curated by Ulrich Meyer-Husmann, Galleria La nube di Oort, Rome [c] [i] and Galleria Vertigo, Cosenza || 2012__ Maria und Marie, curated by Ulrich Meyer-Husmann, Kunstverein Germersheim [i] _ second edition, Colonia 210, Spinnerei Leipzig [i] _ 2010__ transformation, curated by Ulrich Meyer-Husmann, Galerie im Landtag, Mainz [i]  2009__ denken-fühlen-sein, Katholische Akademie, Trier [i] _ The silent space between and around words, curated by Shara Wasserman, Temple Gallery, Rome [c] [i] _ insiemi non disgiunti, curated by Rosa Pierno, Galleria La nube di Oort, rome [c] _ al di là delle parole, curated by Pia Candinas, Galleria Studio Tiepolo38, Rome [c] [i]

[i] _  individual show or 2-person-show

[c] _ catalogue


LAST NIGHT I DREAMED...IN THIS DREAM I WAS ON A TIGHTROPE... _ laurie anderson 'tightrope' | 140 x 100 | 2021 | mixed media on canvas
...AND I'M TIPPING BACK AND FORTH TRYING TO KEEP MY BALANCE... _ laurie anderson 'tightrope' | 140 x 100 | 2021 | mixed media on canvas
IF I GOT RID OF MY DEMONS, I'D LOSE MY ANGELS... _ tennessee williams | 63 x 51 | mixed media on paper | 2021
IF I GOT RID OF MY DEMONS, I'D LOSE MY ANGELS... _ tennessee williams | 63 x 51 | mixed media on paper | 2021

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