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LAC68 (Luigi Ambrosetti)
Luigi Ambrosetti, pen name LAC68, is a eclectic artist, born and lives in Rome in the district of San Lorenzo, a popular area but frequented of many artists. Places like, Pastificio Cerere, today an international artistic center, It was stimulating for the future artist.
LAC68 is self-taught artist and his creativity comes from an inner urge, not tamed and direct, like his character. His pragmatism led him to work very early with his father. The work reality in contact with the city street life, leads him to do particular meetings that will be the inspiration for his creativity.
However, the passion for art has never vanished. Painting and sculpture are congenital for him. The the artist's tract fast and instant, like a real moment, you can define expressionist. Visionary artist and builder of images: the first is a seemingly random paint, the second is the birth of the form through the colors.
The artist seeks to shift the gaze of the viewer from a scenery of pure fantasy to that an objective and representative scenery of moments of real life. For this he started to insert works in a real context that was a support conceptually, through the technique of street art.
The artist's free hand and free thought, without rules, without pretending to be understood, kneads his work, whether painting or sculpture, with the one and only desire to "create", anywhere and everywhere, bringing his being around in the streets. Elaborating his point of view on the new social patterns of sexual identity, in this era of eloquent eroticism, LAC68 going to attempt to find a new interpretation of underground existence.
LUI COL CARELLO is the original character, born from the observation of the real world and the reinterpretation produced by the imagination of the artist LAC68. Lui col Carello is an entity that materializes in the mall, generated by the emotions of those who frequent this place. The shopping center was born to speculate on the consumer but at the same time welcomes the people and to provide free services, so it's a kind of contemporary community center, the largest and most widespread in the world.
Recurring character in the works of LAC68, is now known to the public. Lui col carello, never separated from his shopping cart, he grew up with it and is always the same, however, it is always empty. The cart for he's like the teddy bear for a child. Lui col carello comes out of the mall and know for the first time the outside world where he will meet inseparable friends. You can find Lui col carello at the train station Nomentana, Via Val Padana (Rome), for the art project “Arte in stazione, città e colori”, to the MAAM museum to the Other and to the elsewhere Rome, where the artist created a 3 m high sculpture of the character. In June 2016 Lui col carello entering in art gallery with a collective exhibition “Diversità” Officine Farneto (Rome).

Gli animali si riprendono i loro spazzi copertina ricavata da una pittura acrilica su cartacotone di Luigi Ambrosetti <i class='fa fa-question-circle' aria-hidden='true' data-toggle='tooltip' title='Translation is missing. We show the original text in Italian'></i>
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