Viola Di Massimo (Art course at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, 1994), since 1988 has been attending personal and collective exhibitions, since 2011 has been opening her study to the public for conferences and events concerning and presenting her works.

Viola starts her research by means of dark and well definite sign; the pencil along the paper is, according to the artist, the truth of all the work.

She pursues her research making use of oil on various materials; but this isn't enough: the communication needs other means for making it as complete as possible, so she goes on searching about videos and audios in which her other expression, voiced by theatrical monologue, is turned into audio works.

For years Viola has been opening her study to the public for exhibitions and events and in the last years she has interrelated with musicians, actors, artists, art scholars and scholars that study and analyse as an art work can have energetic influence on the surrounding environment. These meetings and this research on how art can energetically influence the environment have the aim to get other things, to go further, to know other points of view and observation vital to the artist, and may be to anyone for a larger view of his world.

I think that creating is an act of pure alchemy where the author fuses himself with the creation, with the intensity of the colours, with the strength of the forms and the might of the signs.And the “worst” thing is that this      continuous fusing will have no end: as long as an art work lives it will never finish to take new meanings, to be observed, to have on itself eyes and spirits of unlimited spectators that at any occasion will turn it again and again in a new work without end.

Five - work n. 370 of 2019 oil ancient sheet cm130x110
Work number 374 of 2019 h 40 cm base 10x10 cm
We are flour of bread -  work n. 373 2019 - We are in the first years of the postwar period and the E.N.D.S.I. (Ente Nazionale per la Distribuzione dei Soccorsi in Italia, i.e. the National Organization for the Relief Distribution in Italy) distributes flour sacks donated by the people of the United States to the Italian People  The sacks were emptied, carefully folded and stored in a trunk. Time passed. The trunk was open only after 50 years and the sacks made of beautiful and strong cotton are moved to my studio. About 20 years passed, because there is always a bit of deference to pieces of history, history not directly lived. Waiting is important.  Some sacks are utilized keeping on the back the writing to avoid that theywere covered by primer and colours: history must be preserved but on the other hand a new history can come out.  But in this case, in this painting the sack is essential for the artist work springs up.  “We are flour of bread”: the sack contained flower. For surviving.  “We are flour of bread”: the same work says that. Art is food for the spirit.
Worn by winds waiting for events - work n.377-2019 stone, iron,