Irem Incedayi

East and West: mix of shapes and colors
The symbolic signs, domes allusive: Rome, Byzantium, Istanbul condense into a "unique" cultural which is the tangible presence of the East and West but also insubstantial mirage gold sunsets, the gray mists that rise from the Bosphorus.
Irem Incedayi was born in Rome in 1970, where she lives and works.
Her cultural rootsfloat from East to West. She is Timur K. Incedayi’s daughter, painter whose painting are exposed in all over the world. Irem studied in Rome, she graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome.
In 2007 she received from Rome’s major the “Simpatia Award” for painting have realized as an artist of the two worlds, as an Ideal bridge between an - Occidental and Oriental culture
Irem has exhibited his works in art galleries and museum spaces in various parts of the world: United States, France and Turkey:                  2019 - exhibits at the gallery "I Preferiti" with a solo exhibition entitled: "beyond the contemporary" curated by F. Zero in Rome, later she participates in the Ramart collective, organized by the Ramart-platform  in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in SultanAhmet, Istanbul. In the autumn she participates in the Artweek @akaretler with the Galeri Baraz of Istanbul and in November 2019 she participates with M.amaArt gallery in the project M.AMASeeds presented during the Excellence event which took place in the Rome Convention Center-La Nuvola          2018 exhibits with a solo exhibition at the G-Art gallery in Istanbul than she participates in the charity artistic project "art in the service of solidarity" organized for the FBF in Rome in the spaces of the Stadium of Domitian by M.Proietti,she participates at the group exhibition in Palazzo Rospigliosi in Zagarolo and obtains the - Mazzoni - prize. She participates at the group exhibition " Art will save us "in the  G. Borghesani gallery  in Palestrina, than she participates at  the group exhibition: "I Love Lego"  organized by Zetema in the" Salone degli Incanti ”of Trieste                                                                                                                                                                                          2017 the bi-personal exhibition together with his father Timur K. Incedayi, with the exhibition entitled: "Istanbul: reflections from the east" in the prestigious EKAVART gallery in Istanbul, later she exhibited some of his large canvas for the inauguration of the Aleph Hotel with M’Amaart gallery, than she participated in the Rome Art Week by opening his studio to the public and participated in the charity collective "Art for Africa" ​​at Micro Art in Rome, than she  inaugurates the new Cà d'Oro gallery in via del Babuino, with the personal exhibition "Archetipi                         2016 she take part and participate with his works in RomArt the first biennial of art in Rome, later she participated in the collective  #DistrettoArte  in front of the Maxxi Museum in a post-industrial style space, creating a live opera, a large canvas: m7x2,50 at Guido Reni District, Rome
In the same year she take part at the first International Art Exhibition at the "Scuderie Estensi" in the City of Tivoli (RM) to attend the next edition of the Biennale  and to participate with his works in RomArt the first biennial of art in Rome
2014 group exhibition: "100 years of sport" CONI Foro Italico, under the patronage of the Lazio Region and the City of Rome, than a personal exhibition : "East and West: interweaving of forms and colors" at Palazzo Lancellotti, under the patronage of the Municipality of Rome and sponsorship of Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Italy, she take part at the "IV International Festival of Art for Peace and Dialogue among Peoples and Religions" Rome
2013 group exhibition ".. which species is best to keep?" Bioparco, presented by M.Castelnuovo under the patronage of the Municipality of Rome, yhe group exhibition "Modissima feat Contemporary Turkey Unimanagement" Torino and Casale Monferrato,  personal exhibition "Armonia Cosmica" at the Giulia artgallery Rome, a private presentation "Fragments of fresco" Studioteca Bennani, Rome. Than a group exhibition "Tribute to G.Verdi” Auditorium in Rome and Design District in Miami, she made the label for M'AMAART 
2012 she created a work for a permanent exhibition in the Church of St. Michael Archangel in Cetica (Arezzo) than a personal exhibition "Venus at the Mirror"  Ca 'd'Oro gallery under the patronage of the Municipality of Rome, personal exhibition "Reflections of Paradise" Palazzo della Cancelleria, Rome. A group exhibition "METROPOLISMO the other story" Palazzo Ruspoli presented by Achille Bonito Oliva, Rome
2011 group exhibition at the V.Crocetti Museum, Rome, "Contemporary artists from Italy and Turkey" organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Y. K. Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul than a personal exhibition "Myths and Symbols" culture office of the Embassy of Turkey, Rome. A group exhibition "Sculpture Foundation of Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Los Angeles USA, group exhibition at the NYU in New York, USA
2010 group exhibition at the "Saint Tomas High School” Miami USA
2009 group exhibition for the  "Homage to G. De Chirico” Protomoteca Hall in the Capitol, Rome. Personal exhibition "Fragments and gold" Palazzo Torlonia, Rome
2008 permanent exhibition at the "Bosphorous Four Seasons Hotel” Istanbul. Personal exhibition "Myth and Reminiscence" at the G-Art gallery Istanbul. Personal exhibition gallery Mandal, Bodrum Turkey
2007 group exhibition "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" at the Cà d’Oro gallery , Rome
She received from Rome’s major the “Simpatia Award” for painting have realized as an artist of the two worlds, as an Ideal bridge between an ---Occidental and Oriental culture- , Rome
- personal exhibition "Art Today" at the gallery Cà d'Oro, Rome. Group exhibition at the Akmerkez Sanat gallery Istanbul
2006 personal exhibition “Love Spell” at the Carlo Pignatelli’s Atelier, Rome
2005 she made the cover of the book "El Islam: Los musulmanes y el once de septiembre" by F. Alican, personal exhibition "Tad gallery", Rome
2004 group exhibition for beneficence, III edition at the Spazio Etoile, Rome. Personal exhibition at the "ZEN” art gallery, Rome. Personal exhibition at "RIPARTE" gallery, Rome
2000 group exhibition at "Artists Gallery” , Rome
1997 group exhibition at "KEMER COUNTRY, Istanbul. Group exhibition "New aspects of holy over 2000" for "III award for Maxentius Art", Rome
1996 group exhibition at the Public Library "A. MANUZIO”, Latina
1995 group exhibition "Art and Militar Sport" Foro Italico, Rome. Group exhibition "Visions of Light" for “I °Award for Maxentius Art”, Rome
1994 group exhibition at the Fine Arts Academy in Odessa. She takes part and wins the award at the “Extemporaneous painting competition” in Veroli. She takes part and wins the award at the “Extemporaneous painting in via dei Fori Imperiali” Rome. Group exhibition Civita gallery, Rome
1993 group exhibition "Annozero" Horseshoe bookgallery, Rome. Group exhibition Eralov-gallery under the patronage of the Municipality of Rome
1992 group exhibition of "Decoration", Academy of Fine Arts in Rome

She also made several interior design, frescoes, mosaics, trompe l'oeil and restoration in private homes, public places, restaurants, hotels including
- The St. Regis Grand in Rome, Italy
- The hotel François I ° ere in Paris, France
- Hotel Casa Selita Orvieto, Italy
- the waiting room of Fatebenefratelli Hospital on Isola Tiberina in Rome, Italy
- Four Seasons Hotel at the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey

Pantheon, cm110x150
deep fusion , cm 100x145
The force, cm80x145
Triton, cm80x145

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