Davide Viggiano
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Davide Viggiano is a visual artist based in Rome, Italy.Born in Potenza in 1994, he graduated in textile design at the Art Institute of Potenza.

In 2006 he graduated in Decoration at the Fine Arts Academy of Foggia and from 2017, he attended the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, in Milan, obtaining his Master’s Degree in 2020.His artistic research revolves around the boundaries of skin, as a membrane covering one’s body and connecting the outside with the inside. Skin is like a border, on which live nomadic entities.Davide was featured in prestigious personal and collective exhibitions as well as in several competitions in the field of arts. Among these, “Artefici del Nostro tempo – Biennale Architettura 2021” in Venice, “We As Nature” during Rome Art Week 2020 (RAW), the 10th and 11th editions of the Nocivelli Prize (2018 and 2019), the 2018 Brera-Bicocca Award, titled “Sesto Stato”, where he was one of the winners. 


Events at Rome Art Week
LIMEN | Cristina Falasca and Davide Viggiano
07-29 Oct 2022
LIMEN | Cristina Falasca and Davide Viggiano
The artists present original works on the theme of the border and the limit.
Free access
Vernissage Friday 07 Oct 2022 | 18:00-20:30
Associazione Culturale TRAleVOLTE
Piazza di Porta San Giovanni, 10
1 apponintments
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