Galleria d'arte Purificato.Zero

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Pino Purificazione publisher, collector and gallery owner, son of the well-known 
artist Domenico Purificato, managed numerous galleries in Italy and abroad at the
same time. In 2020 he opened with Francesco Zero, a sculptor friend, artistic
director and museum director, a new gallery in Rome, not far from the Coppedè
district, in Via Bisagno 11, the "GALLERIA D'ARTE PURIFICATO.ZERO". The STUDIOZERO
Cultural Association, which manages its management, was founded in 1994 and with
its artistic programs has operated in Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, China, USA
and Russia. Its members are more than one hundred artists, supporters and managers
with Purificato as President and Zero as Vice President.

Our projects are born with a high cultural profile linked to the chosen places 
which become the natural cradle of artistic events scheduled on an annual and
biennial basis, as well as a number of on-site events capable of offering art
lovers and enthusiasts and collectors a qualified offer through a selection
of works by modern and contemporary authors.
Every year more than twenty
exhibitions make up the Gallery's program in castles and historic homes,
hotels in Rome and culturally relevant spaces throughout the national territory,
thanks to a circuit of artists who themselves become a source and reference
for the public with their evolution professional, alongside recognized masters
of contemporary art including Alessandro Kokocinscki, Max Ernst, Christo, Renato
Guttuso, Giorgio De Chirico, Franco Gentilini, Ennio Calabria, Giovanni and
Elena Tommasi Ferroni, Enrico Benaglia, Franz Borghese, Franco Fortunato and
many others large.

The structure collaborates with journalistic editorial teams, including the 
monthly newspaper "Il Corriere di Roma", for which it edits the Arte' page;
qualified collectors and numerous art enthusiasts who are recipients of his
communications, - a "troupe" of young filmmakers who make films and reports of
the events.
The Gallery is followed by the most qualified national cultural
agencies that deal with its programs, thanks to the precious works that
entered Pino Purificato private collection during his fifty years of activity
as a gallery owner.
A constant commitment is that of the Purificato.Zero
Gallery which, for the diffusion of culture in its maximum expressions, is
often recognized by the specialized media for its practical sense and
sensitivity towards its members.

In partnership with Foundations, Cultural Centers and International
Associations, the Purificazione.Zero Art Gallery of Rome addresses a global
audience through the development of multimedia synergies, also organizing
annual series of events including "Arte in Hotel", "ExtrAvanguardia" ,
“Il Giocattolo”, “Mille km della Cultura”, "Artisti a confronto" and
collective exhibition at the end of the year, with the awarding of numerous
awards, of which AgendArte constitutes the most characteristic imprint, a
compendium of works by its best artists, distributed in Italy and abroad in
museums and embassies of Academies and sent to illustrious figures in the
world of culture.
Echi e Riflessi. Exhibition Enrica Capone
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