Centro Culturale Proiezione Arte

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In 1992 the artist Claudio Pellegrini founded the association "Centro Culturale Proiezione Arte" with the intention of establishing a new artistic garrison in the northwest suburbs of Rome. Thus came into being at Via del Forte Boccea 51/A, the first headquarters of the association: a place from the beginning devoted to interdisciplinarity and the mixing of artistic expressions and professionalism.
Thanks to the resourcefulness and passion of Pellegrini, who established within the space his own studio, Proiezione Arte quickly became a reference center for artistic training in the neighborhood offering courses in painting, sculpture, mosaic, stained glass art, and music.
After 16 years the association moved to Via Aurelia 66 ( Zona Vaticano area) thus finding itself interacting with a different catchment area and clashing with the fleeting nature of tourist participation. Nevertheless, over the years, the association has managed to consolidate its role as a cultural engine thanks to the constant work of a targeted cultural offer and careful planning of courses and events capable of attracting, involving, and enhancing new artistic expressions.
Together with Pellegrini's sculptures, these works trace the entire environment of Proiezione Arte by showing themselves through a poetic and messy display that incorporates the entire area of the space into a single narrative.
Beginning with the post-lockdown reopening, the association has embarked on a path of reinterpretation and rethinking of its activities with the intention of promoting innovative projects and ever-new artistic expressions.

Short bio of the artist
Claudio Pellegrini was born in Manciano (GR) in 1953.
He graduated from the S. Giacomo School of Ornamental Arts of the City of Rome - a carving course - and from the Academy of Rome - a sculpture course -.
I have frequently exhibited his works in solo and collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.
Some sculptures are exhibited in museums and public spaces in Lipari (ME), Salina (ME), Altomonte (CS), Castiglione Cosentino (CS), Quartu S.Elena (CA), Pecschici (FG), Tivoli (RM) and Chieti.