La cicala e la formica

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In January 2017 the OutOut Art Workshop began managing the activities of the Gallery Bistrò LA CICALA E LA FORMICA by organizing meetings, expo, reviews and round tables. Officina d'Arte OutOut is a non-partisan, apolitical, non-profit association founded on the principles of freedom, democracy, equality and solidarity. It aims to promote culture, art, cultural heritage and anything else that falls within the field of creativity, in a representative context capable of giving a unified and coherent direction in all sectors, including: the Arts linguistic and popular culture, Visual Arts, Audiovisual, Cinema, Art Criticism, Publishing, Literature, Music, Poetry, Painting, Sculpture, Theatre, TV, Web and Webart.

Since its birth, until today it has given rise to various projects at the Gallery Bistrò La Cicala e la Formica:

AA. 2018 (activity available at the link

Promotion of film criticism and journalism courses, diction courses and theater courses;
Creation of the Art Exhibition (Dynamic Surfaces by the Artist Sergio Cavallerin);
Presentation of the Art Catalog “Zeitgeist – From the time of the spirit to the spirit of the time”;

Year 2019 (activity available at all the links below)

Creation of the First Edition of the Asylum Fantastic Fest (Fantastic Art Festival in which Pupi Avati, Alessandro Haber, John McCrea, Sergio Stivaletti, Denny Mendez, Cristiana Astori, Giancarlo Marzano, Ramsey Campbell, etc. participated, among others);
Presentation of the Art Catalog “Fear as [ART]“;
Presentation of the volume created with Maestro Pupi Avati “La Terra del Diavolo”;
Presentation of the volume created with Maestro Maurizio Nichetti “Parola al Mimo”
Presentation of the volume created with Giobbe Covatta “A White in Black”

Year 2020 (Activity can be consulted at all the links proposed below)

Exhibition and Presentation of the Art Catalog “(bi)Sogno Interiore - International Collective”;
Creation of the live streaming solo exhibition "The Rights of Women" by the artist Renato Florindi;

Year 2021

Emma Assisi's personal exhibition "The Signs of Time";
Presentation of the volume #Eros - Two-dimensional pleasure;
Presentation of the volume The Beasts of Satan - A true story until proven otherwise by Claudio Miani

Year 2022

Presentation of the volume “The days of Courage”, by Eleonora Mattia;
Creation of the Le Radici del Gusto food and wine project, for the promotion of the Lazio region through the rediscovery of traditional recipes. Made with the contribution of ARSIAL – Lazio Region;
Presentation of the volume The Roots of Taste;
Curation of the solo exhibition by Mauro Malgrande “Blessed Silver Age” and publication of the corresponding catalogue;
Design of the Zero Edition of ZoT – Avventure Vincenti Accelerasi with guests Vauro, Cristiano Godano, Paola Barbato, Grazie Di Michele, Miriana Trevisan, Paolo Barbieri, Ascanio Celestini, Mauro Malgrande, Marco Bellocchio.

Year 2023

Creation of a series of meetings with the designers Stefano Disegno, Vauro, Mannelli;
Exhibition of a series of international collective exhibitions dedicated to the 5 senses;
Planning and start-up of 7 collective projects dedicated to the 7 deadly sins.
Presentation of the in-depth volumes on the Emanuela Orlandi case with the journalists Peronaci, Rossi and their brother Pietro Orlandi;
Project launch At the table with the PAT - tastings and meetings with winemakers and chefs;
Creation of the LetteralMENTE Project, in collaboration with the Bistrot La cicada e la Formica with the creation of meetings dedicated to Theatre, Literature, Cinema and Music.

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