Studio DFB

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Studio DFB is a small space in Pigneto that artist Alberto Di Fabio has set aside for the promotion of young artists. A space that functioned as a warehouse has been transformed into an exhibition space.
Since October 2021 Alberto Di Fabio and Mattia Andres Lombardo, as artistic director, have organized more than 10 exhibitions.
The plurality of languages is perhaps the hallmark of studioDFB.
Since October 2021 studio DFB has exhibited, Giovanni Martinini, Stefano "ortro" Tedeschi, Tatiana Stadnichenko, Hirotsugo Aisu, Elica Sartogo, Paolo Buggiani, Robert Hambiln (curated together with Francesca De Medici), Alessandro Asciutto, and Naomi Treistaman.

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