Rhinoceros Gallery

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Rhinoceros gallery was born in 2018. The art gallery's artistic and cultural proposal is inspired by the Alda Fendi Foundation - Experiments. The gallery's art spaces, part exhibition and part sales, are revealed to the public by following particular footprints along the six floors of the building. They culminate with a refreshment area and a view of the panoramic terraces.

In 2023 rhinoceros gallery has inaugurated a new path: pop-ups of international art galleries that have never been represented in Italy before. The new mission of this space is to host cutting-edge contemporary art galleries which will lead to new relationships between antiquities and the present world opening a whole spectrum of new possibilities.

Patricia Iglesias Peco, Sayre Gomez
Max Hooper Schneider, Meriem Bennani, Sharif Farrag
Max Hooper Schneider, Ann Leda Shapiro
Max Hooper Schneider, Ann Leda Shapiro
Jessie Makinson, Ross Simonini
Ross Simonini, Danielle Orchard
Mike Kuchar
Jessie Makinson, Mike Kuchar, Ross Simonini, Danielle Orchard