Spazio Fontanella

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Born in Florence in 1973. He currently lives in Rome.
His work is characterized by long term projects mainly focusing on his personal experience, everyday life, memory and the relation between minor individual stories, History and the present time.

Among his works: Paradiso, realized after two long stays in Havana in 2001-2002, which won the Leica European Publishers’ Award for Photography; Nero, a project on Sulcis miners, carried out between 2003-2004; Ewa & Piotr, a sister and a brother, an intimate story of a world in two rooms, realized between 2007 and 2013 in Krakow, the city where the photographer lived; Ultimo domicilio, a work divided into seven chapters, each of which tells the story of a house, closed down or abandoned, revealing the soul of those who lived there; in 2019 and 2022 they were published the first and second volumes of the book of a lifetime, a photographic autobiography, in which his shots cross the world, marking his personal evolution and his view of the present. In 2020, invited as artist-in-residence by the Planches Contact festival in Deauville, he realises the work 'Théo et Salomé'. In 2023, he is artist-in-residence in Sète at the invitation of the Images Singulières festival.
He has exhibited in many countries around the world.

He holds workshops all over the world since 2003. He has published nine monographic books: Nero(2004), Paradiso (2006), Ultimo Domicilio (2015), Ewa & Piotr – Si vis pacem, para bellum (2018), Land (2019), 1994-2001/ A Beginning (2019), Glitter Blues (2021), 2001-2007 Lack & Longing (2022), "WALLS a wired tale" (2022). He realized three short films: No peace without war, co-directed with Adam Grossman Cohen (2012), Golden Frog at Camerimage Film Festival for Best Short Documentary, Casarola (2015) and "W" (2022).

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