European School of Economics

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The European School of Economics (ESE) is an international Business School following the British educational system, located within the current Palazzo Pichi Manfroni Lovatti.

ESE promotes the development of free thinking, creativity, and the ability to dream. It supports talent and individuality, uniqueness, and diversity: it's only by distinguishing oneself from others that one can excel.

The ESE branch in Rome enjoys a prestigious location, featuring exhibition spaces in five rooms, each of which is characterized by a frescoed ceiling.

The palace with an entrance on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 154 (Rione VI, Parione), once belonged to Girolamo Pichi, the son of Ceccolo and master of the streets. It was once adorned with sculptures and paintings.

The ancient Palazzo Pichi Manfroni Lovatti was constructed at the end of the fifteenth century according to a design by Leon Battista Alberti, situated between Via Papale, Via del Paradiso, and Vicolo dei Bovari.

During nineteenth-century reconstruction works, the entrance on Corso Vittorio was moved back by 16 meters, and a new facade was created by the engineer Ciriaco Salvatori. However, the facade facing Via dei Bovari and Via del Paradiso, where ESE's windows overlook, remained unchanged. It's still possible to admire the inscription "HIERONYMUS PICUS" on the lintel of these windows. The sixteenth-century portal with the Pichi coat of arms is also preserved, now located at the base of the staircase.