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artinterior gallery

in the ruins it quivers
knowledge burns to be life
traces of the ancient character
penetrated by the great decrees of fate
a whisper in the eternal city

where identity stands in a monumental landscape
descent into the shadows
where thought meets the original essence
contemporaneity in the place of its roots
between the major arteries of rome
gallery in via margutta in the campo marzio district

functional artworks
sophisticated artistic furniture brand
emblem of contemporary creativity
unique minimalist production
exclusive design
high culture manufacturing
essential geometric shapes
with the utmost respect for the raw material
each collection of works and environment installation
is characterised by elegance and aesthetic perfection
and draws pure lines of authentic beauty
handmade in italy
kitchens bathrooms and total living
of absolute excellence
a new encounter
with our truest origins
sublimates nature and art
whilist listening to our being
original emotion