Studio QUIPU

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After the experience of Studio Sotterraneo (2010-2022), Carlos Atoche and Emanuela Robustelli are founding Studio Quipu, a space of aggregation and experimentation dedicated to hosting young artistsə from the Italian and international contemporary scene.

Studio Quipu will be a meeting place, a space for debate and an open laboratory that offers itself as a healing of the spiritual dimension through exhibitions, performance events, artist residencies, book presentations and moments of sharing.

The Quipu Studio will become the home of the Quipu Experimental School, with courses in painting, printmaking and papier-mâché for adults and children, aimed at both beginners and artists who are already familiar with the technique but want to deepen their research.

The studio takes its name from the ancient mnemonics method that South American civilizations used to communicate stories and collect data, and which is still a source of reflection and discovery among language scholars today.

In a historical moment of crisis in critical thinking, we believe that through knowledge of the ancestral, people can reconnect with their magical essence and rediscover the self.

Carlos Atoche's artistic production occupies the space and transforms it into an ever-expanding artist's studio.