Impact Art

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Impact Art is a movement of exhibitions and events that was born in 2021 in the evocative headquarters of Impact Hub Roma, a coworking space that develops inside a former art gallery in the historic center of Rome. Through a community of painters, illustrators, photographers and artists of all kinds and backgrounds, Impact Art organizes exhibitions that, in succession, enrich and color the home of Impact Hub Roma. The multifunctional space during the day is dedicated to coworking activities and in the evening it turns into a club of live music, DJ sets and exhibitions.
The mission of Impact Art, with the collaboration of Impact Hub Rome, is to reduce as much as possible the costs that affect artists looking for exhibition spaces by proposing a program of free exhibitions for the artists hosted.
Opening and closing events of the exhibitions mark the colors of the space and create a meeting point for anyone who wants to work, listen, watch and experience a space that wants to belong to everyone and for everyone.

Since November 2021 the space has hosted the following exhibitions:
- "Impact Art" from 29 Oct to 11 Dec 2021: collective exhibition for RAW 2021 curated by Oriana Picciolini with Saulia Kikimova, Donata Piccioli and Claudia Sanna.
- "Mappae | Paesaggi umani" from 17 Dec 2021 to 21 Jan 2022: collective exhibition curated by Oriana Picciolini with Lucilla Monrdi, Federico Occhipinti, Ilaria Micale and Giulia Capponi.
- "Equilibrismi | allineamenti, indugi, mescolanze" from 18 Mar to 29 Apr 2022: group exhibition curated by Oriana Picciolini with Francesca Mariani, Marina Micati and Raffaela Gargiulo.
- "Da tanti punti di vista" from 13 May to 27 May 2022: exhibition curated by Chiara Sticca with the artists of the collective "Ars Picta".
- "Pasolini tra arti e poetiche" from 7 June to 10 June 2022: end of the academic year exhibition of the Liceo Artistico Statale G.C. Argan of Rome.
- "Libera-mente" from 8 Jul to 23 Sep 2022: exhibition curated by Laura di Stefano and Roberta Mandoliti with a collective of former students, students and teachers of the Liceo Artistico Statale G.C. Argan of Rome.