Studio noMade

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Studio noMade is an independent artist-run space: a place for artistic residencies and a studio for the design and creation of art works. noMade was born in Rome in 2013 from the meeting of the artist Fabio Pennacchia with various artists and professionals who felt the need to create a reality aimed at enhance the creation and circulation of works as a practice to connect artists, curators, new interlocutors and spaces exhibition.

Since 2016, the studio has also been the headquarters of the noMade collective, a multifaceted group that uses graphics, sound design, video art, performing arts, visual art, site-specific installations and 'interactive art. The collective includes a psycho-social approach in the construction of the artistic interventions that proposes involving as much as possible the communities and the public. With the Radio noMade project we want to relate archive material and contemporary content to bring out the evolution of community processes. the collective has participated in various exhibitions and artistic residencies in Italy and abroad, including: Mediterranea 18 (Tirana, Albania) and Manifesta12 (Palermo, Italy).

During the RAW studio noMade will host the works of Silvia Scaringella, in artistic residency at the studio from April 2022, an ope archive of noMade collective, an installation of  Fabio Pennacchia and a preview/open rehearsal of the work "Centouno risvegli" by Martina Magno and Lea Walter in collaboration with Marco Stefanelli and a live set di Paolo Benvenuti.