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The APS Casetta Rossa was born inside the Parco Cavallo Pazzo in the Garbatella district by the will of some towns and citizens of the district who for some time had started to take care of public green spaces and to build social and cultural initiatives to increase the psychophysical well-being of their own community of reference and citizenship as a whole.
In 2013 the Association, winner of a municipal public tender, took over the Crazy Horse garden and the adjacent building, taking care of its ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and offering free socio-cultural events and initiatives aimed at citizens.
Since 2013, therefore, the association has been implementing projects aimed at cultural and environmental promotion and the construction of mutualism and social inclusion that favor direct participation, active citizenship and the construction of services and welfare from below.
The Casetta Rossa is now a point of reference for all towns and citizens of the area and promotes participation and care for the common good.
The high number of activists and activists, the free initiatives and the attention to participatory processes allow a daily opening of the Casetta Rossa and the adjacent space from Monday to Sunday from 9.00 to 24.00. The public park, on the other hand, is open from 7:00 am to sunset every day.
Monologues, acoustic concerts, book presentations, projections of audiovisual products, debates and meetings, with journalists, personalities from the scientific and literary world, experts and intellectuals - in particular on issues such as inclusion and strategy to combat discrimination and equality, gender equality , ecological transition, but also on the main international events are held at least twice a week. • Photographic and artistic exhibitions, contemporary installations: the park offers a perfect setting for the temporary display of exhibitions. La Casetta Rossa promotes support for emerging local artists and artists, with particular attention to the younger generations.
To ensure maximum participation even for those who work and study, the activities are carried out at wide and varied times (from the morning to 9.00 until the evening at 23.00) so as to ensure the possibility of benefiting from the cultural offer to a wider audience possible. citizenship. The activities are carried out in full compliance with the regulations on Covid-19.
Here are the projects of the APS Casetta Rossa
From 2013 to today Casetta Culture
The cultural events organization group meets every two weeks on Wednesdays from 17:00 to 21:00 and organizes at least 2 events a week throughout the year such as theatrical performances, screenings, book presentations, debates and insights, acoustic concerts, exhibitions, installations that take place both in the park area and in the events area.
From 2013 to today Festival of the Other Summer
The Fessta dell'Altra Estate takes place from June to August. During the Festival, free cultural events multiply to reach a wider and more varied audience. Inside the park and the events area, presentations, debates, workshops, music, cinema, theater and exhibitions are held daily. Starting at 4:00 pm the events go on until 11:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.
From 2013 to today Crazy Horse law

The reading group born in Casetta Rossa in June 2013. The people who participate currently meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 18:00 to 21:00, deciding each time which book to read together to discuss the next time they meet. The group is free to participate, there are no obligations of any kind (not even that of reading). They read an average of 20-30 books a year which they discuss and report on the blog created by the reading group and on the fb page
The group also organizes outings on the territory to go to the cinema, theater, book presentations, book fairs and every 2 months walks and walks with a literary theme. In 2021 the reading group Cavallo Pazzo Legge created interactive reading and walking paths that can also be used independently in the Garbatella district and intends to continue by adding new stages.
The group sees a constant participation of about 40 people and has continued its reading sessions and collective debate also online. The Cavallo Pazzo Legge group also guarantees access to Bookcrossing every day from Monday to Sunday. The Bookcrossing space is open every day from 9.00 to 23.00.
From 2013 to today Casetta Solidale
Casetta Rossa in coordination with the Municipio Solidale has activated a project to support fragile and distressed people. The solidarity hub has the functions of information, orientation to services and concrete support by providing basic food and materials, but also listening and social secretariat. The Casetta Rossa Hub has in charge, in this period, 300 families who are guaranteed a food package every week. Most of these nuclei are reported by the social services of the Municipality of Rome VIII. The solidarity hub is able to function thanks to the activation, at various levels, of 170 volunteers and volunteers.

The hub is active for the distribution and collection of food and material from Tuesday to Thursday from 15:30 to 19.00 and Friday and Saturday from 10-00 to 13.00
collection and regeneration of electronic devices Saturday from 14:00 to 21:00
Legal help desk for free advice. A team of lawyers will be available to provide legal information to those who need it on Friday from 16.00 to 20.00.
Psychological listening desk dedicated to free psychological counseling aimed at everyone, a space where you can freely express doubts, insecurities and difficulties and understand together how to deal with them. The desk is run by psychologists and psychotherapists and takes place on Mondays from 9.00 to 13.00
Suspended meal, inspired by the tradition of the "suspended coffee" of Neapolitan origin, we want to meet the growing need to supply meals to people who are in a state of need. The aim is to help these people while restoring dignity and a place where they can eat that is not necessarily a soup kitchen. It is possible to take advantage of the suspended meal from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner and on Sunday for dinner. Access is direct and does not require sending.
From 2013 to today POP oven
Group for white art Promotion - training and dissemination of white art. Organizes workshops and basic and advanced baking courses to bring park users closer to the ancient art and culture of baking. In addition, weekly it carries out in-depth studies on the use of ancient grains and unrefined flours at the same time as focus groups on the history of community wood-fired ovens. At the heart of the project is the popular wood-burning oven, thanks to which participants in bread-making courses can go on to concretely experiment with what they have learned, sharing the results.

Around the oven itself, paths for the inclusion of fragile people are put in place through learning the art of kneading and making bread and pizza. Even boys and girls have their space in the periodic laboratory "Today I cook" - an opportunity for the little ones to rediscover manual skills and contact with the material, experiment autonomy and creativity and support a very important healthy relationship with food and to eat. The oven is a real cultural hub in the name of sustainability and the dissemination of culture and history related to bread and the raw materials used to make it. The oven is available to citizens to bake their own bread on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 to 14.00 and on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 19.00 to 22.00.
From 2013 to today Casetta di Babele - language exchange at Casetta Rossa
La Casetta Rossa organizes a Language Exchange meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 18:00 to 21:00. Access is free and open to people of all ages and all nationalities. Three tables coordinated by native speakers of FRENCH, ENGLISH, SPANISH have been consolidated.

An opportunity for everyone to practice and improve their language skills in a fun way and in a welcoming environment.
From 2013 to today, the CassettaRossa Solidarity Purchase Group
The GAS "Gassetta Rossa" (solidarity buying group) meets once a month, has 380 families. Periodically, the group organizes meetings with local producers and promotes initiatives on food as a fundamental element of culture and society. Every day at the Casetta Rossa the distribution of "GassettaRossa" GAS products takes place. Gas Casetta Rossa promotes food awareness paths, incentives for short supply chains and discussions around the ethics of food between sustainability and health. The space dedicated to the activities of the Solidarity Purchase Group is a wooden cage that has become a reference point for the local community. January - December Every day from 9.00 to 23.00.
From 2013 to today Casetta per tutti e tutti
On Sundays and Mondays from 17:00 to 23:00 the Casetta Rossa hosts initiatives organized by associations, committees, support groups, organizations, NGOs to promote information and fundraising campaigns for national and international projects of social interest. of solidarity and sharing.
From 2013 to today The corner of the second chance
Several individual projects are active for testing, volunteering, protected internship, school-work alternation in collaboration with the Social Service of the Ministry of Grace and Justice, with the Child Social Service Office, with the Employment Orientation Center, with the Mental Health Center, with the Municipal Social Service, with the Hospitality Institute. These projects require the presence of a volunteer tutor and have variable frequency and duration, from one month to one year. The beneficiaries are included in the various active projects at the Casetta Rossa according to their skills and desires.
From 2014 to today CE Self-managed Summer Center
In June and July, every year since 2014, the Casetta Rossa self-managed summer center takes place, generally starting after the school closes. The activity involves the use of the park, the events area and the building from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, by children (variable number between 10 and 30) and by parents (in a ratio of 1 to 5). they alternate in daily shifts, even with workshops organized in the park itself. Lunch is generally eaten at Casetta Rossa.

The group of parents involved meets at the Casetta on the last Thursday of the month from September to April and from April to July every 2 weeks to organize the various activities and shifts and collect new members.
Also organized by the CE group is organized on Thursdays for boys and girls. Every 2nd Thursday art and culture meet through play, drawing, art, music and science workshops.
The workshops take place from 15.00 to 19.00 and take place in the Crazy Horse Park.
From 2014 to today Casetta Verde
The Casetta Verde group moves around the area trying to restore environmental and social functionality to the spaces of the VIII Municipality through three main Actions:
Forest Action: regeneration of green spaces that are not managed and little experienced by citizens through the planting and care of plants to improve the quality of 'urban' life. To give new life to materials through bio-construction and creative recycling by building or maintaining urban furniture such as benches or bicycle racks in order to build places of aggregation and sharing. Aliment'Azione: in collaboration with other realities in the area, to tell, with different languages ​​and initiatives, the link between what we eat and the health of our planet to look at food as a source of well-being, not only ours but also the environment that that food guarantees us. Get closer to the land and cultivation, think about a more environmentally friendly distribution and reduce food waste.

Mobility Action: giving new life to the city by promoting gentle and sustainable mobility, which improves the quality of the air we breathe and the time we use to travel for work or pleasure. These actions are carried out in collaboration with the Rome Sustainable Mobility city network, made up of 47 associations that are interested in sustainable mobility at city level.
in addition to the actions within the Crazy Horse Park since 2019, the Casetta Verde group is responsible for redeveloping the space of pza Giovanni da Verrazzano (Garbatella) where monthly initiatives are held that include, from time to time, different groups to collaborate with on issues of environmental interest. The Casetta Verde group promotes the creation of a network between realities that deal in various ways with green spaces in the VIII Municipality in order to act in synergy and propose joint projects and initiatives in the area.
It participates in initiatives for the promotion of sustainable mobility together with the Rome Sustainable Mobility city network.
On Saturday morning the Casetta Verde group is present inside the Crazy Horse Park from 10:00 to 13:00 to collect ideas, check the health of the plants and make small interventions to care for the area together with the citizens.
From 2015 to today Maestri per Casetta - Italian course for foreigners
This group is made up of teachers, teachers, students, professors and retired professors as well as practitioners who teach Italian to boys and girls. In turn, every day in the mornings from Tuesday to Friday, they alternate, generally with a ratio of 1 teacher / 1 pupil. The activities are carried out from January - December from Tuesday to Friday. from 09.30 to 13.00. the Italian course for foreigners also organizes activities and guided tours. In 2021, the Aiutiamoli a Casetta Nostra project was activated, a crowfounding campaign that made it possible to finance individualized projects for students of the course. Real scholarships, called Welcome Scholarships, worth 1000 euros each, used by students as a support to carry out their life and integration project. The project will also be proposed again in 2022. In 2021 one of the teachers of the Italian course for foreigners was awarded the title of Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

From 2015 to today APE Rome
The Roman section of the Proletarians Hiking Association was born and developed at the Casetta Rossa. It has about 900 members. The main activity of the association is to organize free excursions in the mountain environment. In particular, they organize daily excursions and trekking even for several days, with the aim of promoting a sustainable, accessible and inclusive way of experiencing the mountains, in defense of the environment and in harmony with local communities.
APE Rome also carries out some solidarity projects in the territories affected by the seismic swarm of the years 2016-17: they have contributed to create and make operational the Way in the Mutated Lands in the stages between Amatrice and L'Aquila and are carrying out a redevelopment and mapping of the paths around Lake Campotosto (AQ), in collaboration with the Proloco di Campotosto and with the support of the Waldensian Table.
APE Rome also organizes urban trekking. In particular, in Municipio VIII they designed the urban trekking "Victor Cavallo" in Garbatella and usually organize group excursions in the Appia Antica Park and in that of Tor Marancia.
In addition to the activities already in place in 2022, APE Rome organizes a walk one Sunday a month for female students and students of the Italian for foreigners course. The APe Roma meets at the Casetta Rossa from 18:00 to 22:00 on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Furthermore, also at Casetta Rossa it organizes events on the themes of the mountains and inland areas, such as book and film presentations one Saturday a month.
From 2016 to today RedFlex photography course
RedFlex is a photographic practice experiment that combines technical and theoretical preparation. Photography is not just an object of study, but a tool for sharing expressions and visions. The course is held by the professional photographer Giuseppe Chiantera.
From 2018 to today we are fried-waste oil collection
We care about raising awareness of environmental issues, in particular we want to raise awareness among citizens on issues that can no longer be postponed such as separate waste collection. A free and free collection point for used oil has been active since 2018, which is then disposed of directly by the association through the specialized company "Ilsap Power Oil srl". The initiative gathers the ever increasing participation of hundreds of families, thanks to the meetings and awareness campaigns launched. January - December Every day from 08.30 to 23.00.
From 2018 to today Special Park Inclusive Project -Parco Libera Tutti
Working group for a permanent path of participatory planning to create an inclusive park accessible to all. The project sees the collaboration of the Tetrabondi Foundation and Disability Pride. On a monthly basis, on Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00, meetings are held with the citizens to collect ideas and proposals on the use of the park. The group is awaiting the approval of the project for the construction of a path / game that connects the various areas of the crazy horse park and allows for the removal of architectural barriers. The participatory process of construction of the inclusive park in 2020 was the winner of the Call of the Lazio Region for Solidarity Communities 2019, this allowed to increase the laboratory activities and the offer to citizenship. The Project ended in November 2021.
From 2019 to today Scriptwriting course
With the help of professional screenwriter Tommaso Capolicchio, they were held throughout the year

workshops and courses dedicated to non-professionals who are passionate about cinema and TV series to try to formalize ideas into something concrete through techniques and experience, also through collective vision and shared critical reflection of particularly significant films or series. January - December Every Friday from 18.00 to 21.00.
From 2019 to today Auletta Rampante
The Casetta Rossa space, the park and the events area have been equipped with access to WIFI. The tables and chairs present are used as study, work or cooperation stations. January - December Every day, from 9.00 to 20.00.
From 2021 to today Small Radical Publishing Fair
The second edition of the radical publishing fair will take place in September and October in collaboration with Edizioni Dell'Asino, Tamu Edizioni, Effequ, Edizioni Alegre, Derive and Approdi and other publishing houses. Within the park, each publishing house will have its own space to organize book presentations, meetings with authors, interviews and promote their publications. The fair will be open from 16:00 to 23:00.

From January 2022 Cuore Matto
For everyone's safety, a defibrillator was purchased which will be installed in the Crazy Horse park in March. On Monday from 16 to 21 every 3 months starting from 21 February a course will be organized in collaboration with Ares in which to learn elements of first aid, the use of the defibrillator and the clearing maneuvers.
From March 2022 Civil Service
La Casetta Rossa activated in 2022 two Civil Service projects lasting 12 months for 25 hours per week aimed at young people between 18 and 29 years:
Add a meal to the table 2022. the project aims to intervene on the problem of the growing number of people who turn to emergency structures asking above all for material goods such as food, through the following general objective: to guarantee the fundamental right to sufficient and quality of economically and socially disadvantaged citizens, mitigating the effects of poverty. Specific objectives are: 1. To promote the collection and redistribution of foodstuffs and food surpluses in order to meet the growing demand of people in socio-economic difficulties; 2. Promote among citizens the culture of solidarity towards people in a state of hardship and the fight against food waste.
Fair Distances. The general objective of the project is to promote "fair and sustainable" lifestyles in the daily practice of consumers and to help raise awareness among students and citizens so that they can, through daily consumption choices, become consumers - or people attentive to issues of social, environmental and ethical importance. The aim is to relaunch the driving force of the solidarity economy, through the positive experiences of Fair Trade, Ethical Finance and Responsible Tourism and educate for active citizenship. Thanks to the pursuit of this objective, the project will make an undoubted contribution to the realization of the program, in particular to the challenge of “strengthening the culture of rights”. By promoting the growth of awareness, active citizenship and the personal commitment of consumers, they can become agents of the change desired by the Sustainable Development Goals. Specific objectives are: 1. to inform, guide and raise awareness among citizens, with particular attention to school students, on issues of solidarity economy and critical consumption; 2. to increase the awareness of companies / enterprises / entities on concrete paths of social responsibility.

Ordinary maintenance of the "CAVALLO PZZO" park
The green area is cleaned six times a week, from Monday to Saturday, from 8 to 12.30, the cleaning includes: • collection of waste on the ground and in the hedges • emptying of bins • cleaning of the play area and squares anti-trauma • cleaning of the passageways from the gravel The garden is closed every day of the year at sunset and open at dawn. The grass will be cut at least once a month.ACKNOWLEDGMENTS
In 2017 the Casetta Rossa had a special mention at the Roma Best Practice Award in the Roma Accoglie Bene section.
In 2018 La Casetta Rossa won the Best Practice Award in the Rome Welcomes Well section
In 2021 important acknowledgments were received for the activities and the quality of the projects carried out by the variegated community of the Casetta Rossa which won the Civil Solidarity Award of the EESC (European Economic and Social Committee); it was among the first 3 projects awarded in the Italian Contest for the World Gift Day Giving Tuesday; was indicated as a model of sustainability, beauty and inclusion and invited to Brussels at the meeting of the European program New European Bauhaus, moreover Maria Vittoria Tessitore, one of the main animators of the Italian course for foreigners, was awarded by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella of the title of Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic also for his commitment in teaching Italian to foreign citizens at the Casetta Rossa.