Officine Fotografiche Roma

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Officine Fotografiche Roma is a non-profit organization with legal personality, founded in 2013 as an evolution of the Officine Fotografiche association, which existed since 2001.
It pursues the goal of: Disseminate among the social community the knowledge and cultural aspects of the arts and techniques of photography, cinema, theater, and visual arts, such as painting, graphic design, and visual arts, such as computer image processing, through the management, including at third parties, of courses, workshops, internships, exhibitions, shows, and festivals. To divulge its culture, history, evolution through the ages, learning and execution techniques also through editorial productions, videos, computer, audiovisual and multimedia supports in general, refresher and advanced courses. Promote competitions, festivals, conferences, foundations, scholarships or other, always with the aim of popularizing the art of graphics and photography.

The Association is a cultural center and a school of photography, active all 'year round, which by the will of the founders operates as much in the cultural and professional growth of its members, through courses, workshops, internal competitions, scholarships, exhibitions, as in the promotion of the best national and international photographic productions, through its public and free program of exhibitions, conferences, book presentations, portfolio readings, international competitions (the Tabò Prize and the FotoLeggendo Prize) and festivals (FotoLeggendo).
Because of the size it has reached and the range of activities it offers throughout the year, Officine Fotografiche Roma is an exception in the panorama of private Italian photographic operators.

The Association is independent and supports all its activities and ongoing expenses with the proceeds of its training activities, which see the participation of more than 1,000 students a year in quarterly courses, advanced training courses, and workshops.
Officine Fotografiche Roma collaborates with various institutions, other cultural organizations and the main photography associations for the realization of its cultural program, and at the same time offers to others its experience in photographic documentation, organization and communication of exhibitions and cultural activities, with a view to an exchange of skills and resources always for the purpose of promoting photographic culture.

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