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Creators and coordinators of NeuroPsicoEsthetics art projects: Dott.ssa Scilla Esposito, Alessandra Sodi, respectively president and vice president of Strade diffuse Aps

 Strade Diffuse Aps works with social promotion and in the first year of its creation has organized several initiatives with a central theme of neuroscience and artistic-cultural activities, proposing various sites in Rome as the basis of special events for artistic experiences of NeuroPsicoEsthetics. The association supports various Roman and non-Roman artists, professional and beginners, that take part in the various projects creating an Urban-Community where the individuality is the richest gift for the community, where the artistic experiment of NeuroPsicoEstethics’s theoretical model is where soul, body and emotions meet. Our main project consider the mediation between these domains as the better way of communication possible, a simple language that every age and culture understands, an opportunity of sharing, meeting and integration: souls totally different from each other have the chance to meet and talk with the power of simplicity, satisfying the primary human need to create. Our embodied art installation gives you the feels, smell and vision of emotions through the creative mediation. Thanks to the body language, the fusion with materials, colors and shapes becomes a rich emotional booster, over the generational and cultural limits, a truly evolutional chance and a space where realization is possible; a way of caring that you can rely on and where it is possible to be recognized, seen and mirrored or simply gratified by the art. The communicative purpose of our art project is the possibility of accessing the emotion and the intensity that the proposed embodied experience produces; this condition, if lived synchronously by the artist and the viewer, is enhanced and integrated with other contents for us, which are the dimension of human relations. The "CENTER" of each of our gestures appears clear in the conscious and unconscious fascination perceived in the here and now by those who experience our performances; where it is possible to get lost and find yourself, merge and become confused in the symbolic and real experience that the art proposal produces, in the realized matter that becomes a common projective field, in the collective action of bodies and minds, in the stimulating narrative from which the impulse of art is born. In the first year, the most important mile stones of our artistic path has been:

“liberaMente – colors, nature and emancipation” shown during The life style day, promoted by the “Therapeutic Education Society” in October 2020, which brought together 12 emerging artists in a virtual meeting then transformed in a blast of embodied art, a dance of material initiation made with the body, colors and real relationship.

 “ Looking over the moon” NeuroPsicoEstethic artistic installation, created by our artists and fused with the visitors during the 4 days of “Abilmente the creativity fair” Fiera di Roma 2021

 “framMenti nell’arte” a path that unwinds through a wide time span, almost a year, with the ambition to deliver the art in conventional places and to define the neurological and emotional constructs that builds the artistic experience itself. The final event took place at the “Acquario Romano, Casa dell’architettura” July 2022, with the patronage of the Department of Culture of Rome, the Order of Architects of “Casa dell’architettura”, of Lazio Region and Umberto I Hospital

"La Via dell'Arte" from the experience of the “framMenti nell’arte’s” artistic community we thought that creating an Artistic Lounge in “Abilmente, la fiera delle idee creative- September 2022” where 9 of our artists can expose their artistic works and together with the spectators take part to the final performance.

 “La figura e lo sfondo” NeuroPsicoEstethics art performance in “Abilmente – Fiera di Roma” September 2022. The exhibition of “La Via dell’Arte” puts together personal identity and different cultures to benefit relations; through communicative transaction thanks to shapes and colors declining the possibility of observing both the figure and the background that surrounds us; through a powerful collective female content which will be able to tell about us, with the attention of the individuality of each artist through their collective experiences. Painting Art, Body Painting, theatrical improvisation and NeuroPsicoEstethics explanation will fuse into a unique and incredible wellness experience.            


La Figura e lo Sfondo
Guardando oltre la Luna