Galleria Edouard Roma

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Galleria Edouard Rome is a multifunctional temporary space.
It can be completely "privatized" (to organize events, exhibitions, sales, presentations), but it is also a gallery-space that permanently represents artists, creators, designers.
Depending on your needs, the Galleria Edouard Roma is transformed into an elegant and refined space at your disposal for art exhibitions, sales of design objects and furniture, fashion showrooms or presentations, in the historic Prati district, in the heart of Rome, between the sumptuous scenery of the Vatican (200 meters away) and the popular soul of the neighborhood markets of the Trionfale.
An open space of 38 square meters in via Otranto, with a large and bright window, available for rent for one day, several days, a week, several weeks, a month. The space becomes a sort of "white box", immaculate color that gives free rein to the image of those who want to use it, creating and modulating, through the connected services offered, a screenplay, colors and atmospheres, in line with communication and image you want to give.

suspension Qomut Design
ceramic Moises Tibau
water drops Gianni Pezzani
the kiss Tweak
Lady Fabio Calvetti
bones Guillaume Allemand
Design Vincent Rousseau