InGalleria Trastevere

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In Galleria is a space dedicated to vintage and design in the heart of Trastevere.
Vintage radios, neon and collectibles.
InGalleria is a modern vintage store full of curiosities, creativity and quirky selections; The meeting of various art forms related to the past and intertwined with the present, give life to a project born from the passion for design and the unique piece. Conceived in a green key and focused on the concept of reusing what has been, every object in the store will have a story to tell.

A project born with strength and pride from the mind of Elisa Bonafede, art director and event manager with the collaboration of her right arm Giulia Mandalari, project manager.

The store opens with a wide corridor with arches brought back to the origin, where a monochromatic room in FUCSIA color, from floor to ceiling, with neon inserts drawing the perimeter of the room itself, immediately jumps to the eye. ''The pink room'' will be dedicated entirely to the project "Rolando Vintage Radio with Bluetooth," an idea of Elisa's born to the passion for vintage radios transmitted to her by her father Rolando Bonafede.
Vintage and vintage radios that after being expertly restored are renewed with Bluetooth technology. Unique and original pieces. The expert hands of Rolando, an electronics expert, and the creativity of Elisa have given life to this unique project in Rome.

The store will also be full of vintage furniture and ever-changing modern design, unique and selected items thanks to the collaboration of external artisans and designers.

Currently active collaborations: Neon Flex Mood (neon signs), RESIN LAB (resin design projects), EGG TO POP (art gallery)

Ingalleria will be a space dedicated entirely to art, with a graphic design office inside, curating vintage while winking at new creative trends.

Events at Rome Art Week