HyunnArt Studio

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HyunnArt Studio, Viale A. Manzoni 85/87 - 00185 Rome. Responsible for programming is artist Paolo Di Capua, who hosts the nonprofit exhibition activity within his studio/workshop. From 2006 to 2011, Patrizia Ferri and Mario de Candia were curators.
HyunnArt Studio does not identify itself as a gallery, but exclusively as a space for cultural sharing and dissemination. The exhibition activity began in 2001, as a result of an already established collaboration with other artists. Subsequently, the activity broke free from a basis of formal affinities alone and became interested in a greater openness to the plurality of languages, including international ones, identifying selective affinities of broader scope.
The space, beyond the opening, is regularly open Tuesday through Friday (4-6-30 p.m.) or by appointment.

The Pop Out Show, 2010
Foto di Claudio Abate per Adele Lotito, 2010