Spazio d'arte 2020 aps

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The Spazio d'Arte social promotion association was born at the end of 2020 as an open space made available to those who want to create new opportunities for use (exhibitions) or creation. Our ideal is that of the artistic experience as a liberating activity accessible to all as Benedetto Croce said. The artistic space is located in via Giuseppe Cerbara 44/46 (Tormarancia), a district of great artistic sensitivity.
Anna Montagano, inspirer and president of the Association, brings her life experience of her who, from the profession of Biologist, saw the need for creative artistic expression arise in her, which became a sculptor.
The space is therefore dedicated to events such as exhibitions of painting, sculpture, ceramics and other forms of art, educational courses, conferences, musical encounters and meetings dedicated to poetry.
Given the association's interest in the psycho-physical well-being of its members and the community in which it is immersed, socially useful meetings are also planned.
The activity of Spazio d’Arte 2020, marked by the pandemic, opened with the "Anna Montagano sculpture exhibition".
Among the latest events held, we can mention: artistic ceramic exhibition; meeting on "First aid intervention", held by Dr. Carla Crescimbeni and dr. Umberto Milizia; lecture by prof. Umberto Maria Milizia historian and art critic on "How to read a work of art"; collective of Primavera (painting exhibition); exhibition of paintings by the young pupils of the master of art Pamela Pagano.
The Association, interested in developing the creative activity of children in school and preschool age, has also promoted some days dedicated to elementary school children with the creation of ceramic works dedicated to Christmas.