Teatri di Luna ASD APS

The Association pursues the aims and purposes of promoting and managing as an expression of participation, solidarity, civic commitment, volunteering and pluralism, cultural, recreational, welfare, training, motor sport and tourism initiatives and activities.

In this perspective, the Association pays particular attention to the aggregative and recreational moments of its members with a view to enhancing the active behaviors of the same members, also in order to determine the conditions for a broader and more extensive cultural action of social interest aimed at involve the highest number of people in the realization of their own goals and objectives.

Specifically, the association promotes and produces art and entertainment activities in its various forms: prose theater, storytelling, music, dance and dance theater, theatrical readings for adults and children, installations, performances and set-ups, production and dissemination of audiovisuals , training courses and laboratories in the theatrical field at public and private schools, institutions and groups of individuals; designs and carries out cultural and artistic events and initiatives.

Theatrical activity
Dance theater
Roman Summer 2021
Roman Summer 2021
Earth Fire 1
Earth Fire 2
Earth Fire 3
Earth Fire 4

24-29 Oct 2022
Down the mask
Exhibition of paintings, sculptures, ceramics - Creative and theatrical moment
Free admission
Vernissage Monday 24 Oct 2022 | 17:00-19:30
No RAW Live
Spazio d'arte 2020 aps
Via Giuseppe Cerbara 44/46 - roma
28 Oct 2022 | 17:30-19:30
Down the mask
Exhibition of paintings, sculptures and ceramics and theatrical performance
Free admission
No RAW Live
Galleria Spazio d’Arte 2020
Via Giuseppe Cerbara 44/46 - Roma
2 apponintments
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