In 2017 we opened our modern and contemporary art gallery “Ess&rre” at Porto di Roma, an evocative and beautiful location right in front of luxurious yatchs and boats which make the perfect background for the artistic works showed to collectors and art dealers who have been in contact with Acca Internetional Srl for over a dacade.
We promote painters, photographers and sculptors around nationals art fairs such as Arte Padova, Arte Genova, Pavia Art, Roma D’Arte Expò, Contemporanea Forlì, Bergamo Arte Fiera, Milano Art Affordable.
We also make the graphics, printing and publishing for art catalogues, monographs, books and events planning.
Since 2019 we launched our television format “Laboratorio AccA”, which is a teleshopping show going on streaming on the main art sector channels like “Arte investimenti”, 133 D.D.T. and 868 on Sky. These gave incredible visibility to our artists and increased our sales impressively.

Invitation to personal exhibition Francesco Tonarini

29 Oct-04 Nov 2022
The free design of the soul
Personal exhibition of Francesco Tonarini
Free admission
Vernissage Saturday 29 Oct 2022 | 16:00
No RAW Live
Lungomare Duca degli Abruzzi 84 - locale 876 - Roma
1 apponintments
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