Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli Onlus

Cervelli Ribelli” is a 160 square-metre venue located in the elegant district of Prati, more precisely in Via Tommaso Gulli 3. In 2019, the facility was acquired on behalf of “Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli Onlus” and refurbished in order to provide all the amenities and structural requirements necessary to host workshop activities, training courses, multi-platform digital production and cultural activities of various kinds. (Cervelli Ribelli Project)

 It is here that Tommaso Nicoletti (shortened in Tommy), a young artist with neurodivergence, works with paints and brushes to convey his own vision as a “rebel mind” (English translation for cervello ribelle). In the last two years, Tommy has made over a hundred paintings in acrylic on canvas and more than two hundred drawings.

 In 2020, the Italian auction house Cambi selected some of Tommy’s artworks and published them in its own catalogue as a key element of the “Out of the Ordinary” initiative.

 Tommy is also the protagonist of two films that aired on the Italian channel Sky Arte respectively in 2017 and 2020:Tommy e gli altri(Tommy and the others) and Tommy e l’asta dei cervelli ribelli (Tommy and the auction of the rebel minds).

 In July 2020, one of Tommy’s paintings entitled “Due Trombettieri” (Two Trumpeters) was displayed on occasion of the “Bateau Tiberis” exhibition on a ferryboat on the Tiber River.

 In addition to painting, Tommy has contributed to the production of fashion accessories, pottery and design goods.

  • He has realised a bag charm collection for several accessory lines with Behuman. Among his creations were the Wafaa mini bags decorated with poppy-shaped charms, the Ibiza bags with giraffe-shaped charms and the Valentine’s Day handbags garnished with heart-shaped charms. He has recently launched the “20 love” line of sport accessories designed with his artworks;
  • He has collaborated with the fashion designer Daniela Dallavalle in the creation of the Tommy e Daniela Cervelli Ribelli line;
  • He has developed prototypes of ceramic and porcelain products with Master ceramist Gabriella Di Giacomo, mainly dishes and bowls;
  • Essent’ial has conceived two lines of sustainable accessories, including a table game, with Tommy’s artworks: the “Il mondo che sorride di Tommy” (Tommy’s smiling world) line and the “Animali Ribelli” (Rebel Animals) line;
  • Leroy Merlin is in the process of launching a capsule collection of pillows printed with some of Tommy’s artworks.                                                                                    

Hopefully, Tommy’s atelier (commonly known as Tommylab) will serve as a model for the likes of him who, in the same fashion of the young artist, are people of few words but with many colourful thoughts.


Tommy with boat and fish
Boats and seagulls
Screaming monster
Weird-looking little man, dinosaur, dragon
Glimpse into the past
White elephant
Prior to restructuring

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