Studio 154

STUDY 154 by Elio Carchidi
Professional photographer and portraitist in particular, born in 1958, Leonardo Carchidi was born in Calabria but he has lived and worked in Rome for forty years. He inherited his passion for photography from his father. In fact, he began to photograph at the age of fourteen to "look at the world more closely" even if he suffered from a form of congenital myopia. From 1976 he moved to Rome, where he attended the Faculty of Sociology at the University of La Sapienza. At the beginning of the 80s he began his activity as a professional photographer after obtaining a Diploma in Photography at the European Institute of Design in Rome. In 1984, at the same Institute, he continued his studies earning a Diploma in Advertising Graphics.
At the working level, his greatest luck has been that he has been formed in non-suspicious times in the field of post-production and photo editing, becoming an expert user of Adobe Photoshop. Thanks to this know-how, he works for companies specialized in the production of cosmetics and beauty products, in the field of high-quality fashion and underwear such as L'Oréal, Schwarzkopf, Kemon, Cotton Club, La Perla, Playtex, Menarini. He publishes his portraits of famous people in many prestigious Italian and foreign magazines.
In 2003, a stone’s throw from Via Veneto, he founded Studio154, a structure in which he offers support and assistance to all photographers who need installation rooms, lighting and equipment for photography and video rental. Inside the studio uses equipment Canon, Hasselblad, Phase One, Profoto, Broncolor, Manfrotto, Arri, Ianiro, Gitzo.

28 Oct-20 Nov 2022
I created the Ocean
photographic exhibition of elsa lamartina
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Vernissage Friday 28 Oct 2022 | 18:30-21:00
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Studio 154
Via Sicilia, 154 - Roma
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