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Experimental Art Laboratory
SPAZIO HANGAR is a cultural salon, an exhibition showcase, a place for study and artistic propaganda, an independent space entirely for women, whose fundamental character is research.
The initial proposal, which later became an independent space, was born and aims to bring together the artist's studio, project and exhibition in one place. Our aim, with a background made up of three distinct personalities, is to bring as much public as possible to contemporary art.
Born in the northern part of the city, we then moved to the south, in a peripheral area that currently hosts few artist-run spaces, but which is in effect epiphanic territory. Our goal is to tell about places that are apparently far from the collective imagination of the museum, and to involve both artists and users, coming into contact with art directly, as co-protagonists.
Our idea was born as an incubator for proposals, artistic collaborations aimed at promoting art, emerging or not, that which is culturally active and relevant from a universal point of view. Everyone will be able, regardless of age or level of knowledge, to initiate an autonomous discovery process, guided by amazement and curiosity, aimed at acquiring awareness and "artistic citizenship".
The Space opens its doors to many of the artistic sectors of the contemporary, identified as creative arts:
Painting - Sculpture - Drawing - Graphics - Engraving - Illustration - Photography - Digital art - Videoart - Multimedia and environmental installations - Performing arts - Contemporary plastic arts - Curating.
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Spazio Hangar Office details
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