Co.Ro. Coworking Rome Pigneto

Co.Ro Coworking Rome Pigneto is a multifunctional space located in the homonymous Roman district. It was founded in 2017 by Andrea and Francesca Romani with the aim of offering a cultural and networking alternative in the neighbourhood and in the city.

Nowadays, meeting and meetup with people as well as spending a carefree evening represent in the collective imaginary experiences linked to bar, pubs or restaurants. But what if the meeting took place in a more relaxed, informal, free and co-projected environment aimed at picturing a specific idea or message? The journey of Co.Ro begins from here.

The environment is divided by functionality and semantics into two distinct spaces. The Coworking area is a comfortable and well-kept, designed according the current needs of freelancers and smart workers. Here co-live a multitude of professionals who defer by nationality, professional area and personality. It represents a working place where it’s possible to design in contact with others and to be inspired even by the smallest gestures.

The second area is a multifunctional space designed to meet different needs of people using it. It’s open to every request with the possibility of being set up and shaped every time in a new way reflecting the art and desires of the user. Meetings, conference calls, book presentations, workshops, debates, exhibitions and brain storming are just some of the endless possibilities of the space – a true shapeshifter.

In these years, the space has had the fortune to host initiatives in collaboration with third parties, promoting and supporting different projects and ideas, as well as to propose autonomous and independent activities.

25-30 Oct 2021
Filamenti (Threads)
A sensory journey on the work around the world
Event on reservation
Vernissage Tuesday 26 Oct 2021 | 18:30-21:30
No RAW Live
Co.Ro. Coworking Rome Pigneto
via Erasmo Gattamelata 137 - Roma
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