Spazio Mecenate

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The Spazio Mecenate Cultural Association based in Rome, a short walk from the Brancaccio Theater, is an artistic space that aims to promote and disseminate culture. It has been operating for several years in the field of organizing cultural events, art exhibitions and live performances.
In particular, in recent years, it has initiated two major projects.
From 2016 to 2020, it realized the Miracle of Snow in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome on the evening of August 5. This is an extraordinary event that starts right in front of the great Basilica and is characterized by stellar sets, light games, image projections and lunar fluorescence in the square. The statues on the facade of the Basilica light up and rotate in the enchantment and scenic suggestion of the prodigy, surrounded by classical music.
A highly suggestive crescendo, until the climax is reached: at midnight the Miracle of the Snow takes place. White flakes descend from the sky and whitewash the ground for a truly unique and unmissable spectacle.
From 2017 to 2019, on the other hand, it realized and participated in the Great Liberation Festival at the Cestia Pyramid (April 25 and September 8), with projections and concerts, financed in part by the Lazio Region and with the patronage of the Municipality of Rome, Lazio Region and Mibact.

Spazio Mecenate has also promoted a series of art exhibitions, both collective and solo, since 2010, including:

Group exhibition Digital Element.
Works by Maseda, curated by Sara Rella and Lucia Pricoco at Spazio Mecenate (2010);Group photographic exhibition Prolegomena. Works by Monia Marchionni and Luca Bellumore, curated by Sara Rella at Spazio Mecenate (2010);
Maurizio Sarti Collection art exhibition at Guido Reni District (2016);
Piero Fornai Tevini solo art exhibition at Spazio Mecenate (2016);Femme sauvage femme sensuelle art exhibition at the House of Women (2017).

The Association relies on the collaboration of high-level consultants and professionals, from event design and artistic direction of the event, to set-up; from the search for patronage and sponsors, to targeted communication strategies, seeking to create a network of high-level private and institutional partners.

Since June 2021, it has reopened the doors of the showroom located on Maecenas Street to devote space to cultural activities including temporary art exhibitions dedicated to emerging and established artists.Recent inaugurated exhibitions:
- New Revival. Sarti Collection (July 1-10, 2021).
-Les mademoiselles (July 16-September 11, 2021)

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