Centro d'Arte Figurativa

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The "Centro d'Arte Figurativa Al Torella" is a non-profit Cultural Association founded in 1969 by Al Torella (Alberto Torella, Naples 1929, Rome 2019) for the promotion of figurative art, with free educational activities: dozens of publications and hundreds of video shows. From 2020 the activity continues with video exhibitions and digital publications, always free of charge for the public and for artists and always on the subject of figurative art, with educational purposes ranging from the 19th century to the contemporary ones, with particular attention to the new trends in graphics figurative.
In fact, in addition to the works of Al Torella and Eugenio Torella, we display selected works by young, great figurative artists, as Amleto dalla Costa, Andrea De Santis, Casimir Lee, Cesar Santillan, Charlie Davis, Cinta Vidal Agulló, Daniela Uhlig, Davide Bonazzi, Endre Penovác, Sorayama, Hannah Von Elle, Ichiro Tsuruta, Lana Doroshev, Laura Bifano, Lilly Padula, Loika, Mads Berg, Malika Favre, Neil Stevens, Newsha Ghasemi, Noma Bar, Pao (Otomogohan), Petra Eriksson, Quint Buchholz, Rob Bailey, Ryo Takemasa, Shawna X, Steeven Salvat, Thomas Danthony, Veerle Pieters, Victo Ngai, Yannick Corboz, Yuko Shimizu.

Al Torella (Naples 1929, Rome 2019), paintings from 1970-1977. Above, mural engraving (1986). Works out of commerce.
Al Torella (Naples 1929, Rome 2019), paintings from 1970-1977. Works out of commerce.
Center of Figurative Art Al Torella. Video exhibition posters.
Center of Figurative Art Al Torella. Some of our free art books published.