Hub 39 Art

E.T.I.R. company was founded on the year 1968,and till now is operating as a travel agency, in the historic center of Rome in front of Mura Aureliane, adiacent Villa Borghese park.Last year we have invited some artists to exibit in our working space, individually,monthly:Franco Losvizzero, Giancarlino,Monica Pirone, Vito Bongiorno and Angelo Colagrossi.We have pubblished by Bordeaux Edizioni for everybody 5 books. The project included also the individuale exposition of Vincenzo Pennacchi, Sergio Angeli, Mauro Magni, Patrizio Disciullo and Elina Chauvet.Hub 39/Art would be the "hub" to joing our travellers with the contemporary art, also our working space with different artistic places in the city.We have shared  the project DIVO C  on September 2020, hosting 3 photos of Rome by Aldo Feroce, Giorgio Benni and Valentina Stefanelli make a trip in one unusual city and contemporary a jorney into a magic world with the painters Salvatore Pupillo and Mauro Magni.


HUB 39/ART by ETIR travel
Michela Calabresi, Giancarlino and  Francesco Gallo Mazzeo
The paper book - sculpture by Giancarlino
Parole. Oltraggi. Verseggi by Francescon Gallo Mazzeo
Giulia Zadra, Camila Sanchez violist and  Sergio Palma
the book paper by Giamcarlino
The paper book  by Giancarlino and Camila Sanchez violist

30 Oct 2020 | 19:00
"Words. Outrages. Poetry"
Il libro di carta - sculpture by Giancarlino and "words" Francesco Gallo Mazzeo
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Hub 39 Art
Via Campania, 39/a - ROMA
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