Alessandro Vitiello Home Gallery

Alessandro Vitiello Home Gallery has taken shape in late 2016, entering an international trend that reflects the growing interest of collectors to share their collections, thus injecting ideas and resources into the system. We also have the immodest ambition of wanting to contribute to the development and promotion of art and culture in Italy.
At Home Gallery we curate modern art exhibitions, w
e promote literary happenings and concerts, we produce author theater, and we are partners in projects and initiatives of significant scientific importance. The initial interest in the visual arts was then added to the awareness of wanting to be an innovative aggregation center for multiple disciplines and knowledge, with the aim of rethinking models and methods useful for passing on the immense cultural tradition of our country. As part of its well-established collaboration with the Filiberto and Bianca Menna Foundation - Salerno Center for Contemporary Art Studies, AVHG promotes study and in-depth study of Filiberto Menna's great intellectual work. 

Artists on exposition: 
Alberto Burri
Fortunato Depero
Giorgio de Chirico
Vettor Pisani
Marcello Avenali
Mario Schifano
Franco Angeli
Giulio Turcato
Mattia Moreni
Joe Pomodoro
Salvatore Dominelli
Michele De Luca
Salvatore Pupillo
Claudio Bianchi
Pippo Altomare
Gianni Asdrubali
Gianfranco Notargiacomo
Nino De Luca
Paolo Gubinelli
Nelio Sonego
Annalaura di Luggo
Achille Pace
Damiano Quaranta
Francesca Matarazzo di Licosa
Feice Nittolo
Carlo Levi
Matteo Peretti
Gianni Barisani
Salvatore Emblema
Giovanni Trimani
Roberta Morsetti

Exhibitions in progress:
- "PICTURA" of Salvatore Pupillo edited by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo

Past exhibitions:
- 2021 QUANTA Grandi Quadri" edited by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo 
- 2020 "Alpha Beta" edited by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo
2020 "Antes" edited by Franceco Gallo Mazzeo  
– 2020 "Operis" edited by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo 

2019 "Litoritmo" personal of Felice Nittolo at museum PAN in Naples edited by Daniela Ricci
- 2019 "Furia", personal of Maria Grazia Pignatelli alias Chicca Regalino edited by Kamil Tadzeus Jarzembowski
- 2017 "Reazioni in ferro 26", personal of Damiano Quaranta ai Palazzo Bezzi in Ravenna edited by Alessandro Vitiello
2017 "Dettagli e orme", personal of Grazi Maria Pignatelli at Palazzo Bezzi in Ravenna edited by Angela Trimarco
- 2017 "Sand Talks", personal of Francesca Matarazzo di Licosa at DFC in Dubai(AEU) edited by Alessandro Vitiello and Anna Caridi.




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29 Oct 2020
Alpha Beta
curated by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo.
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Alessandro Vitiello Home Gallery
Via delle Tre Cannelle, 22 - Roma
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