Ass. Culturale Lavatoio Contumaciale

The Cultural Information Center "Lavatoio Contumaciale" was conceived and founded in 1974 by the artist Tomaso Binga (stage name of Bianca Pucciarelli in Menna), with the collaboration of her husband Filiberto Menna, art critic, and of the founding members Sergio Bergami, Fabio Bucciano, Ugo Cianciullo, Costantino Dardi, Giovanna Davia, Aldo Falivena, Modestino Fusco, Giovanni Gazzara, Mauro Lucaferri, Achille Mango and Lidia Pucciarelli, who, with their skills, have made an effective contribution to his realization. It was formed in the Women's Association in 1980 with the partners: Pierina Bachini, Adriana Cian, Iole Cianciullo, Carla Consiglio, Maria Teresa Consolo, Goldi Petzenbaum, Bianca Pucciarelli, Lidia Pucciarelli. ... The Center is based in Rome, in Piazza Perin del Vaga 4, in the district of Lungo Tevere Flaminio close to the river, and is located in a splendid building of economic construction of 1926, in the premises of an ex "Default washhouse" or "remote" (ie a place where the clothes of infectious diseases were washed and boiled), from which it has emblematically taken the name. The interior of the restaurant, renovated in 1974 based on a project by the architect Costantino Dardi, is divided into two areas by a "wall / sculpture", from which the current association logo was taken. In more recent years, a new structure has been associated with the main office in Piazza Perin del Vaga, called the "Archivio Menna / Binga", also located in Rome, in via dei Monti di Pietralata 16, which has larger rooms and which is used for larger events. ... Place of meeting and cultural aggregation, the Contumaciale Washhouse has carried out, in these thirty years, an intense activity, promoting, from the beginning, demonstrations and debates on the various themes of current affairs, literature, poetry, of the visual arts, theater, cinema and new media. The Center has often organized its events with the collaboration of other Cultural Associations or relevant Bodies; among them are Filmcritica, essay film reviews (1974-1981), Photogrammatica, the month of photography in Rome (1992-1997), MUSIS, Museum of Science and Scientific Information, of the Sapienza University of Rome, weeks of Italian and European scientific culture (1997-2004), RomaPoesia, international poetry review (2003-2004). In addition, it has organized conferences and exhibitions with cultural centers, galleries and academies of fine arts both in Italy and abroad, including: Italy-China Association, De Florio Arte, Paso Doble, Electronìe d'Arte, Il Fotogramma, Associazione Italo -Danese Future Culture, The Green Room, Project, Elio Rumma Gallery, Artecom Space, The Pyramid of Cestius, Workshop of Images of: Rome; and also the New Era Museum of Bari, Jesino Massimo Ferretti Cultural Circle, the Gallerìe Satellite of Paris, the Laboratory of Teramo, The Red Jackets of Florence, Angelus Novus of L'Aquila, The Seagull of La Spezia, Ixidem of Venice Mestre, Department of Art and Fashion, University of Central Lancashire Preston - Egland, the Academies of Fine Arts in Rome and Frosinone. In recent years, the Center has formed a partnership with five other cultural centers in the city, establishing the C.R.R.A.C. (Roman Centers for Contemporary Art Research.) Lastly, the most recent collaborations with the publishing houses Le Impronte degli Uccelli (1998-2003), Il Filo (2003-2004), and the Traveling Group Marathon of Poets (2003-2004 ) all from Rome, who gave the Center the opportunity to meet a new and younger audience open to the investigation of new experiments determined by the rapid and continuous evolution of the media.

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