Società Dante Alighieri

The Dante Alighieri Society, founded in 1889 by a group of intellectuals led by Giosue Carducci and erected in a Moral Body with R. Decree of 18 July 1893, n. 347, has the aim of "protecting and spreading the Italian language and culture in the world, reviving the spiritual ties of compatriots abroad with the mother country and nurturing love and worship for Italian civilization among foreigners". Its headquarters is Palazzo Firenze in Rome, in the Campo Marzio area, in the homonymous square in Florence. It belonged to the Monte family, then to the Medici of Florence (whence the name): already the seat of the Ministry of Grace and Justice, since 1926 it houses the Dante Alighieri Society. During the year it hosts events of high cultural and artistic depth in the Galleria del Primaticcio and in the Sala Walter Mauro: exhibitions, book presentations and editorial initiatives, press conferences, events, projections and concerts.
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26-31 Oct 2020
Images of the origins of the Universe, between science, myth and art
Cultura classica e contemporaneità del mondo dell'arte
Free admission
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Società Dante Alighieri
Piazza di Firenze, 27 - Roma
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