dMake, based in Rome since 2014, is an open place to interaction between multiple disciplines and contamination to otuside influence. Our works explore the boundary between design, art and new technologies in the belief that interdisciplinary approach is the substance for change.

2016, San Pietrone, Francesco Petrone
2017, Punk Anniversary, dMake
2018, Concetto Lineare, Cecilia Anselmi & Motorefisico
2018, Five Rooms, Emmanuele Lo Giudice
2017, From Wall to the Gallery, dMake & Street Art Place
2018, Visione Periferica, Deih
2016, San Pietrone, Francesco Petrone
2018, Visione Periferica, Deih

21-26 Oct 2019 | 18:30
INTROGRAFIE Visioni Incontro Luce
Exhibition of sculpture and painting in Monti
Free admission
via Giovanni Lanza 174 - 176 - 00184
1 apponintments
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