Spazio Faro - Galleria d'arte - Associazione culturale

Spazio Faro, is an art and culture association whose core idea is to create an artistic space for the promotion, development and pursuit of contemporary art and other socio-cultural activities. Just like its name, Spazio Faro, which in Italian means ‘space’ and ‘light house or beacon’ respectively, we wish to guide our members out into the complex and exciting world of art and culture. It is meant to be a place of constant support and comfort from where they can promote, explore and experience art, culture and various related events. Our headquarters are located in Pigneto, which is home to Rome’s vibrant street and urban art scene. It is a melting pot of eclectic, cross-cultural activities and people, which makes it an ideal location for us to create a bridge between the artists and art-lovers. We are also the home to the new editorial office for the online magazine Urban Mirrors, that is an integral to of our association. Urban Mirrors enables us to communicate and share the activities at Spazio Faro with the world and reach out to a wider audience.

19 Oct-07 Nov 2019 | 19:00
Be an Artist
solo art exhibition of Fabio Tasso
Free admission
Spazio Faro - Galleria d'arte - Associazione culturale
Via Perugia 24 - Roma
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