Associazione Amici dell'Aventino

AdA, who we are: AdA (Association of Friends of the Aventine), founded in 1981, promotes civic awareness among the residents of the Aventine Hill that the responsibility for the quality of the environment in which they are fortunate to live, falls, above all, on them. The concept that best defines this attitude is that of custody: as inhabitants, pro tempore, one has the obligation, civil and moral, to preserve them in their historical, artistic, cultural and landscape value.With this in mind, AdA ** has been, over the years, in collaboration with other institutions of the Aventine, promoter of concerts, conferences, book presentations and the organizer of contemporary art exhibitions, among which we point out, in its own seat, in the Basilica of Saints Bonifacio and Alessio, 'In Crypta' repeated in Todi and Grottaglie and, in collaboration with the St. Stephen Cultural Foundation Center (via Aventina), 'Color Crossing', repeated at the Castle of Roccalvecce on the occasion of the AMACI day.Furthermore, from 16/29 October 2019, will take place in the cloister of the former convent of Saints Bonifacio and Alessio, the exhibition 'CLAUSTROMANIA, Contemporary Sculpture in the Cloister of Sant'Alessio', organized by AdA, in collaboration with the National Institute of Roman Studies, with the participation of the artists Riccardo Monachesi, Giovanna Martinelli, Ninì Santoro, Mara van Wees, curated by Daniela Gallavotti Cavallero and with the collaboration of Letizia Lanzetta, director of the National Institute of Roman Studies.The exhibition, intentionally 'territorial', as organized by Institutions / artists and curator of the Aventine, wants to promote contemporary art on this historic hill of Rome with the exhibition of site-specific sculptures / installations for the place that they hosts them. On this occasion will be presented the project ‘Open Box’ * on Piazza Albina, a garden that was given in forster care to AdA by the Garden Service of the Municipality of Rome. Contacts have already been made with the curators and artists, the Town Hall and municipality Garden Service for the authorization process, the Parisbas for financing, and the press office for the promotion. Piazza Albina,a garden in rectangular shape (about 65x50 m.), recently restored according to the original design, with the financial help of Paribas Real Estate. The garden was entrusted by the Garden Service of the Municipality of Rome to AdA. The large spaces, the rediscovered brightness and the geometric design make it ready for a further enhancement. The OPEN BOX artistic and cultural project aims to create a temporary exhibition space for sculptures and installations and give artists the chance to exhibit their works outdoor. OPEN BOX, the virtual “box” space of the square, wants to identify the link between the inhabitants and their neighborhood through contemporary art.

22 Oct 2019 | 14:00
visiting our of the former convent of Saint Alessio,
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Associazione Amici dell'Aventino
piazza cavalieri di Malta 1 / piazza Sant'Alessio 23 - Roma
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